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  1. Saw a thread like this on another forum and thought it was kinda cool so I figured I'd start one here, let's us put a face with the name...
    $IMG_0262.JPG Sillem's "Green" in my self made Cherrywood Poker.
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  2. here I am.. i saw the same thread on psf and thought of starting one here too. i guess it is true great minds think alike

    this is a bad pic but w/e i'm smoking a savinelli tevere 320ks

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  3. I'll share two. First one I'm having a cigar and chatting with my sister.


    Second is two Halloweens ago. The GF and I dressed up as Gomez and Morticia. I smoked that later that night.

  4. Me and the guitar player I used to manage. We were outside after Thanksgiving dinner this past November, and I was smoking C&D Founding Fathers in my favorite Pete (Dalkey 106).

  5. Very cool all, I knew this was going to be a good thread! :)
  6. Me smoking some Erinmore Flake in Bentonville town square. A little blurry I liked how the background came out.

  7. $P1030349.jpg Sillem's "Black" in my Mario Grandi sandblasted bent Apple.
  8. Ill play this was a couple of months ago on my friends back porch.

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  9. What's all that stuff on your face? It looks like some kind of growth. You should take care of that, man.
  10. I noticed that too!!! brother are you okay? .................JR
  11. :scared::lol::lol:
  12. Argonaut

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    Alright, this is one of the best pictures of me I could get! I don't want any of those facial recognition software programs setting off an alarm at Langley!:001_smile
  13. Initializing of FBI smoke removal filter software in 5.....4.....3.....2...
  14. A cigar on the streets of Adelaide late one October night.

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    Not even sure where the original of this one is

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  16. Argonaut

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    Steve, the smoke cloud coming off that cigar is enormous! How'd you keep it all behind your head in that shot?:w00t:
  17. My typical drive home with Mr. Peterson....


    BTW: That's 19 hours on a Wacker straight shave :wink:
  18. It's amazing how your mind builds a picture of people in your head though talking to them on the forum and then you see them and they look nothing like the image your mind created, no offense but you guys look nothing like your avatars :)
  19. Avatar is the left side, pic above is the right.

    And I had a beard when I took the avatar shot on some highway in Idaho in 2008....
  20. Argonaut

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    I dig the aviators, wear a pair myself.

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