Polsilver Super Iridium : I and I blade pif results and discussion thread.

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    To all who received blades in my I and I blade PIF and those who have tried the Polsilver Super Iridium blades, please feel free to post you impressions here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Received my blades...was going to wait till Thursday to try them...but I can't!!! Will try tomorrow!! can't tell you how excited I am to try these!! The SI are the best blades I've tried and was bummed that they were nearly impossible to find...hoping these are the real deal!!! Again, think Chris for the blades!!!:thumbup:
  3. Inquiring minds want to know. So are they the same, are they.
    If so where is the best place to buy?
  4. Follow this thread and find out! there are a bunch of us that have these blades now thanks to Chris, and we will be posting our results in this thread. From every report I've read, these blades are the same...just different packaging...So I am pretty stoked!!
  5. Definitely look forward to reading the reviews.

    The question I have though to start this all off;
    If these are current production blades, where are they?
    I know we have one vendor on here that can get them (currently out of stock but says they will have more by April). You would think if these are current production blades, you would probably have all the on-line shaving/blade sales places (or at least the ones that carry standard Polsilver blades) tripping over each other to get a hold of these to fill the gap that the old packaged SI's left, and the prices would be in-line with where the SI (when in production) or it's premium PPI brethren were/are.

    Plus it's not like these are new to the market, as in production just started. We have threads mentioning these all the way back to July of last year.
    Any thoughts?
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  6. Today I wasn't planning on using the Polsilver Super Iridium, but felt the need to since they arrived! Very excited to try one in the R41.

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the pack up, was the blade looked identical to the "original" blade, same font, same markings, same glue marks.

    Today was a simple face lather, C.O Bigelow loaded on my fathers old badger Stanley brush. Nice wet lather today.
    First pass was WTG. Right away I noticed the same smoothness and sharpness I love about the SI, not one bit of pulling or tugging...just a smooth shave. I rinsed my face...WOW...one pass and I look more than acceptable..could have stopped there with some small touch ups and had a DFS.

    Second pass was ATG, re-lathered and started on the neck...I had to look twice to make sure stubble was being removed. My ATG and neck technique is very similar to GEOFATBOYS style....meaning I shave the area, and go over certain areas almost "dry". I finished my Second pass and BAM.....done!! BBS with two passes of the R41 loaded with this blade.

    Even if this blade was labeled something else, It was the best blade I've used to date...as good as any SI from the old wrapper. Smooth, Sharp....by far the best blade in my opinion.

    Tomorrow will try it in the NEW and see how it goes, but first impress is I hope these are easily available and at a fair price point. If they are in the price range of other PPI blades ( Gillette Yellow or Greens) these will become my go to blade. Curious to see how long I can push this blade, pushed the old wrapper SI for 5 plus shaves...sure I could go a week in the NEW with them..
  7. Good to know, can't wait to give these babies a go :w00t:
  8. Today I wanted to try this blade in my other favorite razor, the Gillette NEW. Prep and lather the same as yesterday with the exception I used my AoS Silvertip Badger brush.

    First pass I was worried that I wasn't getting any stubble reduction because all I could feel was the teeth of the comb on my face...felt like shaving without a blade. After my WTG pass I rinsed and checked face...moderate reduction, and was so smooth. Pass two was ATG. equally well, no pulling or tugging.

    With the R41 two passes was all I needed, but I needed at least another pass with the NEW....third pass was XTG with buffing during passes. Rinsed face and checked shave....cheeks BBS....neck had a few rough spots....re-lathered and did a 4th pass ATG with touch ups.

    I would say my face is about 95% BBS...two very small areas could use a little more clean up to be 100% BBS...

    Again, no irritation, and so smooth that I would have guessed no blade...

    After being a R41 junkie I'm not getting the quick reduction in stubble I am use to....my first thought was as smooth as this blade is, it is not as sharp as the Gillette yellow or Greens that are from PPI....but truly I think its more of the razor which is much milder than I have been use to lately.

    Tomorrow will push it for day three in the R41 again..

    This is a very comfortable blade....perfect for those who get alot of irritation. I find nothing harsh about these at all. So far after two shave I would say this is in every way the same blade as the Old style blade. My biggest concern is availability. I'm afraid I'm really gone to love this blade and....if the sources are as dry as the old blade, which will make prices go through the ceiling.

    If this blade stays available in the $40ish range per 100....well worth it.....if it goes higher....I'm sorry but too many other great alternatives for less $$$$$
  9. Mine came it today and thanks Chris you put a lot of effort into them. I will try them soon. I have some vintage Polsilver blades that I will dig out to compare as well. They are not Iridiums but I remember liking them a lot.
  10. Good question...I can't find them any place...I did contact a vendor that is looking into securing a quanity of these, but no promises, and no date when that may happen. I've even checked European Vendors, and only found ONE Vendor that sold them....and for more money before shipping than Chris paid...

    Yep, and I find that more than a little disheartening :001_unsur

    I agree....You would think any vendor that has has either the old SI or can currently get other PPI blades would be all over these.....like months ago!

    I'm hoping this wasn't a one time deal, and that more will be readily available. Reading threads on this board and others dating back several month back, I do think these are the real deal...I do need more shaves, but first impressions is that it shaves very much like the old style wrapper of the SI.
  11. Despite many hours on google and global commodity trade sights, me either... :001_unsur

    I as well contacted several vendors. The one that truly responded to my question stated he would be checking with his supplier about these, but he knows for certain that the standard Polsilver blades are DONE.

    I hate to say this, but given the complete lack of availability of these, and the fact that the standard Polsilver blade is said to be kaput, my thinking is these blades were probably produced during the time that the standard Polsilver and Iridium blades were sold, and they them selfs probably had the same fate as their two other PPI brothers.

    It would totally make sense that these are real Super Iridums. Same manufacturer and factory. Same Super Iridium script with a registered trade mark symbol. Different packaging probably for brand recognition in different region....
  12. All right, I got my blades yesterday afternoon, so today was my first shave with Chris' PIF. I was not terribly familiar with Super Iridiums beforehand, so you'll have to forgive me for working through my thoughts on them here. (I actually got one from Chris before, but I had a debacle with my hot water plumbing that totally threw off my experimentation.)

    So. Highly regarded blades, renowned for sharpness and smoothness, deserve the best for experimentation, although one has to be careful not to be too careful — I sometimes find myself shaving like I'm performing brain surgery with highly reputed blades and razors, and I've learned to force myself to treat a shave like a shave. That said, nothing wrong with using good equipment. I loaded the Super Iridium in my long-comb New, and reached for the Arko.

    Here are the notes I entered into my DE blade spreadsheet:

    Overall feel: 8 out of 10
    Comments: Very smooth shave. The blade is damn sharp: I got one weeper that I didn't even feel, and I nicked myself by catching a bit of my neck on a corner of the razor as I shaved close to my collarbone. OTOH, I can't say this blade feels any different from other higher-quality sharp blades I've tried; in a blind one-off test, there's no way I'd know this blade from an Astra or a Shark SC. I think the only way it can distinguish itself is by blade longevity. Otherwise, there's no point at all in chasing after such an expensive and increasingly rare blade.

    I really don't want to be that irritating skeptic who chimes in on threads with, "I don't see what all the fuss is about," but that's how I'm leaning at the moment. I'm going to rotate each blade through two or three of my favorite razors, depending on how fast they degrade, and see what comes of it. Tomorrow: the Polsilver in the New.
  13. This is certainly where YMMV comes into play.
    For some people (my self included) a Shark blade feels like you are shaving with a shark tooth. :biggrin1:
    And an Astra feels like a 7 O'Clock Super Platinum, or Sharp Edge, which for me is a good shave, but not as smooth as a Super Iridium. The Super Iridium is the one blade that I can chuck up in almost any razor, and throw around with out having to be sure my technique is 100%, and still come out with a DFS. And as you said, with this blade in your razor if you do cut your self, you can't really feel it until you do a wash. IMHO they are probably pretty close to, if not as sharp as a surgeons scalpel.

    And that IMO is what all the fuss is about.:wink:

    :ouch1: [​IMG]

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  14. I think part of the love of these blades is that "sweet spot" of sharp and smooth. For example, many shavers would say the Gillette 7 O'clock yellows are some of the sharpest blades...but I also read as many complaints on how irritating there shave can be with that blade. (I personally like them!)

    The combination of sharp and smooth is always something I am searching for in any blade. Longevity is not a big issue for me...If I get three shave, that's fine....if I get more....well....I have only pushed a few blades past the three day mark........typically I just toss them even if the shaves are still good, as I just prefer a nice, sharp blade.

    And Dan... nothing wrong with being the guy that says ""I don't see what all the fuss is about" that's what I like about post like these...we get several impressions:001_smile...my thoughts yesterday were " .....as smooth as this blade is, it is not as sharp as the Gillette yellow or Greens "
  15. Back to the R41 today:001_smile This is day 3 with the same blade, and typically, my R41 destroys blades quickly.

    Today I was in the mood for AoS sandalwood, so after the shower used my AOS pre-shave oil and face lathered using AoS cream. For those that haven't used the AoS products, IMO a little pricey, but a top notch cream. The smell is by far my favorite scent of any shaving product.

    My lather was somewhat too thick, as I don't think my brush was wet enough, but overall first pass went very smooth. Nice stubble reduction and smooth. First pass was WTG, went smooth and easy. This blade performed BETTER today than yesterday (maybe the razor???, same experience happened here with a SI blade)

    Second pass I dipped the tips in warm water for a wetter lather. Better. second pass was ATG and went well, again no tugging, pulling or irritation. Typically I've been doing two passes and touch ups with the R41....but again..I have this "need" to push things.

    Re-lathered and went for pass three....this pass XTG. shave felt overall well, no issues with the blade, but face did feel somewhat "raw". Shave was BBS, one small weeper on my adams apple ( my fault...shaved with glasses off today)..but face was a little red...did a cool rinse and used Nivea AS balm instead of the AoS sandalwood because of the raw feeling.

    This is my first experience with the R41 making my face feel raw, and frankly I feel I just pushed it too much today. Within 20 minutes face looked fine, shave is still BBS smooth, but face still feels...."tingly"??

    The Polsilver Super Iridium is performing well, but tomorrow we will see how it performs in another razor.
    I think in a mild razor I could get a week of shaves from it...my guess with the R41 and new on alternate days i will get 4-5 days max.
  16. This morning I rotated the Polsilver Super Iridium into my New to compare to yesterday's shave with the plain ol' SI. I'm going to stick with Arko for the length of this experiment, to minimize variables. Here are my thoughts on this morning's shave:

    Overall feel: 7.5-8 out of 10 (hard to make a firm call here)
    Comments: VERY smooth shave, and yet I was abraded by the end: the witch hazel stung badly, which almost never happens. Can't figure out what I think of this blade in the New; on one hand, it felt smoother all the way through to me than the Super Iridium, but on the other, I didn't feel quite so forcibly exfoliated by the SI, either. Freaky.

    Tomorrow, I'll move on from the New to the Fat Boy. What fresh hell awaits me there, I wonder...?
  17. Interesting - very similar to what I get from the Bolzanos dgilman.
  18. If I may make a suggestion of a razor to pare these blades with...

    Does anybody have, and plan to try these in a red tip SS?
    This is the razor I primarily use these blades in, and am 100% guaranteed to get a DFS with.
    They seem to go together like peas and carrots... :wink:

    Just my 2ยข....
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  19. Got mine
    Will try out tomorrow
  20. Today I tried the Super Iridium in my Fat Boy, dialed to 6. This is the setting I usually use for my sharper blades, and I think it was an appropriate choice here. I'll keep the dial on that setting for the Polsilver, too.

    Overall feel: 8 out of 10
    Comments: A good, smooth shave, but with minor witch hazel burn at the end. It could well be I'm not a Super Iridium guy no matter what the wrapper says. We'll see if the Polsilver treats me any differently.

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