Poland cranks up production

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by malocchio, May 5, 2012.

  1. malocchio

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    While Gillette is killing off its wonder creams in both tubes and tubs, Poland is really cranking out a lot of creams .......I think Bulgaria and Poland now actually have more creams in production than the Russian Federation...

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  2. StuMcB

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    Whats the site malocchio? my interest has risen.
  3. I think the first one is www.kosmetykionline.pl

    And so on...
  4. Blades would be nice. We need them to go back to making blades!
  5. malocchio

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    each of the blue names ,upper left corner,are different polish sites......bulgaria has a whole new line out,great packaging !

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  6. Prof. Moriarty

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    What is that yellow stuff at the bottom of the brush? It looks horrible...
  7. Oh sh*t, more stuff to investigate :innocent:! Thanks a lot, I thought I just had control over my AD's :wacko:.
  8. :lol:
  9. What manner of contraption is that brush handle? It looks forbidden.
  10. Looks like silver with a chunk of amber in it.
  11. The Nivea for Men Mild pictured is made in Germany AFAIK. I bought a tube today and it was multi-languaged on the box and tube, one of those languages was certainly Polish. We have a lot of Polish immigrants around here and in the larger supermarkets they have Polish sections that only stock Polish goods. I think I might have to keep a little eye on their bathroom products.
  12. malocchio

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    I have a German Nivea lettered in Russian,for distribution there...
  13. Good to see this!
  14. Kanion has been around a long time. The boxes in the Argo look like Arko-ish to me, their old style boxes at least.

    brush cream is dying out there. Bulgaria makes many but there is only three factories that are mainstream so how different can all these be is the question. Scent is one thing, performance would be the same from each formula.

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