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  1. The general take on Plisson is that they are relatively expensive compared to similar brushes from other manufacturers. I have one and agree with that sentiment but like everything else you buy what you like.
  2. Also, it is widely rumored that Vie-Long sources their badger hair from the same place as plisson. For 1/4 to 1/3 of the price it might be worth it to look at those as well.
  3. A Plisson is a high quality brush, and many members here enjoy theirs. However, in my opinion the quality is not high enough to warrant the price. ...but I have several other expensive brushes, so I should stop calling the kettle black.

    If you really want one, the best bet is to watch the B/S/T like a hawk for a few weeks. One is bound to pop up eventually, and when it does you can snag it for a sweet discount! That way even if you don't like it, you can turn around and sell it for exactly what you bought it for.

    EDIT: Found a review for the brush you're interested in:
    Joel wasn't exactly kind, especially about the build quality.
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    True story:

    A couple of years ago, I was in Paris on business and was totally set to drop a bunch of cash on a nice Plisson...

    Unfortunately, when I saw them in person/handled them, I just couldn't do it as (to me) they didn't seem worth the price - at any grade of hair in any size.

    As for the brush you linked to, the handle, while pretty, is lightweight acrylic and I didn't think it had a lot of substance. Also, 55 Euros (over $70, not counting shipping and customs) is pretty expensive for a pure badger brush IMHO.
  5. Best place to buy Vie-Long?
  6. Price is not a concern. But it appears to be a good brush and I will take the plunge with buying from the manufacturer direct. Thanks
  7. Plissonitis is a very slippery road my friend...
  8. Ha ha. I agree! I am suffering from RAD really bad. I am on a hunt for new acquisitions all the time.
  9. I find shaving brushes in general are a very slippery road. :tongue_sm
  10. I fought it off for over 6 months and I think I finally got over it completely.

    Time will tell though.
  11. Rob I fought it for almost 3 years...then joined this forum last year...and resistance was futile...the single brush I used for years wasn't good enough...and god knows I have enough now to equip a small army! At least the RAD is over and done with...almost...
  12. :thumbup: How about Roonyitis, Simpsonitis, shavemacitis, Kentitis........then we go to the Featheritis, Pilsitis....Oh nevermind, it is just my problem(s)
  13. Hunter, thanks for the link to the review. That one fires a lightning bolt right up your fanny.
  14. :lol: If I didn't have much bigger fish to fry (Custom Mitchell Leather Briefcase) I could buy about four of these. :lol: For now the briefcase has priority. Although after that is out of the way I could be looking for a Plisson! :lol:
  15. Let me know when you start wavering Rob...I'll start posting pictures of my latest...cough cough...acquisitions.
  16. :lol::lol::lol:

  17. :thumbup1: :lol::lol::lol:

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