Plastic Gillette Safety Razors from India?

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  1. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I searched the snot out the forums for anything having to do with this razor and I couldn't find a thing.

    Browsing through eBay I find several auctions for a "Gillette 7 o'clock permasharp safety razor." They appear to be dirt cheap plastic safety razors that come with two 7 o'clock green blades. The razors themselves appear to be green with a snap-down lid that closes over the head of the razor to hold the blade in place. They all seem to originate in India.

    I can't seem to find any review info, or even any forum discussions involving these things, which seems rather odd. In my (albeit) limited experience on these forums, if it removes hair, someone here has tried it and reviewed it. Have I found the exception?

    I'd really like to know more about these things because they seem like such a great deal (usually come in three packs for under $10) that I'm considering buying up a ton of them as giveaways for my buddies to get them into DE shaving.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Look in the reviews section under G. There's a review of a plastic Gillette razor which is marketed in the Phillipines. From memory it wasn't as bad as it sounds!

    Sounds suspiciously like the same thing..........

  3. The Lord all metal 3 piece are a better razor and not very expensive
  4. Heres the review:

    Gillette Rubie Click!


    Every once in a while a rumor starts on this forum or one of the others that Gillette is going to start making DE razors again. It's not a rumor. Gillette still puts its brand on this DE, marketed outside the United States. The bad news is that this is a DE made by a 21st century Gillette that long ago abandoned quality durable products in favor of four dollar blade cartridges. It is a cheap plastic mockery of the classic double edge razor.

    This Click! was purchased in Makati City, Philippines, for P16.75--about 40 US cents. The packaging says it was made in China for Proctor and Gamble Distribiting (Phils) Inc. It comes with one Gillette Rubie blade.

    My major complaint about the razor itself is the loading mechanism. One flips the latch on one side and the top opens on a thin plastic hinge that probably won't last more than a few dozen loadings.

    I thought the weight would an issue. The loaded razor weighs in at just two tenths of an ounce. It requires added pressure while shaving but because of the light weight this does not seem uncomfortable.

    As much as I wanted to hate the shave I just couldn't. It wasn't great, but was much better than expected. It was certainly on par with a single blade Bic disposable. Of course the shave could vary widely because of the plastic construction. It's not made to close tolerances and could warp over time.

    This razor probably won't make it into my regular rotation, but it's good enought that I want to recommend a use for it. Perhaps backpacking or some other activity where weight is a serious issue. One of these and a few blades would probably weigh less than several disposables and the hiker could take along his favorite blades.
  5. I'd buy one and see how it shaves before I gave it to someone as their entry into DE shaving. The last thing you want is for them to have a bad experience right off the bat.
  6. Here is a picture of the razor in question:


    It looks very similar to this "Lord Click":


    I wonder if Lord of Egypt is making these under contract for Gillette??
  7. mr-razor

    mr-razor Contributor

    but it gives him with metall head too from India:

  8. I think Gillette India probably makes multiple products aimed at the various levels of wealth in India. This Tech variant is probably their "premium" version. The plastic handle on that looks very similar to the handle found on a "Lord Smart", so it is possible Lord of Egypt is contracted to make these too:

  9. I've used the Rubie one from the Philippines and it looks like that one in green is the exact same one.

    Actually, I started off using one like the Rubie in Thailand because I couldn't find the razors I normally use. I ended up liking it more than the expensive Gillette Mach 10000 or whatever it is now. It's cheap, the blades are cheap and it does a good job. I had no idea that others had caught on the better shave that a de safety razor offers. FYI, I paid like 50 cents for it in Thailand.

    The 7 O'clock Sterling on this thread is also one that I used(and bought) in Thailand. I upgraded to it at one point because I thought that if the cheap black plastic one was good then the metal had to be better. I was wrong. It tore up my face. Maybe it was my technique, especially after only having experience with a light plastic one.

    Anyways, I signed up to respond to this thread, but this seems interesting so I am going to go and browse some other threads.
  10. It similar/ identical in design to that of a late model Tech.

    The Knack was a Twist to Open razor, while this is a three piece razor. :tongue_sm
  11. I started DE shaving with Gillette Rubie, which is same as this Tech. Only difference is that Rubie was made in Russia, and had plastic holder. I bought it aprox. 5 or 6 yrs ago... I haven't seen Rubies since then.
  12. There are two variations of the plastic click razors available in India. The sterling razor (photos by achim Mr-razor above) has the metal head and is similar in design to a later day tech. It is lighter compared to the later day tech head though. All these razors are very much manufactured in their Bhiwadi plant in India.

    The razors are very light and the click mechanism is very rugged. They snap the blade in place with zero room to move around and is a firm and average shavers just like a metal one. The quality of the plastic is pretty good.

    The Ejtek green razors was one of my first razors bought way back then when the company was called 7 O'Clock Ejtek.
  13. I have one of these, It isnt too bad, quite a nice starter razor if you just want to dip your toe into the water without investing too much!
  14. Thought about buying one of these just to have a Gillette DE made in the 21st Century :thumbup1:
  15. I just bought one. They are still in production:

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  16. Is that something you picked up local? Or did you buy it on the web? I would love to grab a few of these to pass around to some friends that are semi-interested in DE shaving.
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  17. I think he said in another thread that he got it locally. But local for him is Paris.
  18. Haha, I saw his other post as soon as submitted my response here. Oops :)
  19. What is the verdict on this razor? good ,bad, decent, aggressive???
  20. These are very light weight and feel very cheap and plastic in spite of metallic head. Its shaves ok not aggressive at all.

    I would prefer a heavy Edwin Jagger Chrome ..just get one of those heavy ones and forget about buying another DE razor !

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