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  1. Hello all,
    This is just general question about leaving pitting on razors..... i have a few with only one real bad pitting spot on them, or maybe a couple without any pitting by the edge, or on the honing face of the spine, once i work at these for a while with MAAS, and there is no red "active" rust left, is it safe to leave this pitting as long as I dry the razor and store it in a dry environment?

    A few razors i have have pitting right across the etching on the blade, or in some cases they are just bad enough that i'd have to really take some metal away to get rid of the pitting, or upset the natural grain of the metal with the scratches resulting (even 2000gr seems to leave at least some)

    To summarize, is it ok to leave pitting on a blade intended for use to save the overall look of the razor?
  2. depends on the grind of the razor and the location of the pitting pics would help. So far it sounds like they will be ok .
  3. Yes. As long as you have stopped the rust, and prevent the onset of more, the razor will be fine. If there is pitting at the edge, it's likely that you will need to hone past that.

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