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  1. I am a tobacco farmer. I used to smoke cigs for ~10 years, now I smoke a pipe or cigar once every other month or so.(til now)

    I grew 6 varieties of tobacco in my garden (besides the main crop) and air cured them in a small shed. I have some decent looking leaves, some still have a bit of yellow in them. Does anyone have any information on the quality of the flavor vs green, yellow, thin, etc. leaves?

    I have heard that you can cycle the humidity/temperature to create a sweetness (fermentation). Anyone hear of that?

    I also have some tobacco that is dark fired in a smoke barn, but likely not meant for a pipe.

    I enjoyed my first bowl of home grown tobacco today, and intend to sample all 6 varieties in the next few weeks.

    I found it alarming that most smoke shops carry only drug pipes and $5 pipes made in china. Where does one get a nice new pipe these days?

  2. You can find a number of online vendors that can sell you pipes and pipe tobaccos. I frequent 4noggins.com for my pipe tobacco needs, as they have competitive prices and excellent service. They also have a number of pipes for sale as well.
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    Firstly, welcome to B&B.

    Where does one get good pipes... mostly online...


    Some of my pipes come right from the artisan carvers.

    There are pipe tobaccy blends with dark fired leaf... they usually refer to it as fired kentucky... just off the top of my head I believe a few of the Gawith and Hoggarth blends contain it, as well as the famous St Bruno.

    Regarding Fermentation. All cigar and pipe tobacco is fermented. If you don't ferment, the tobacco will be harsh as hell. Some people refer to this as sweating the leaf. Virginia tobaccos, in my opinion, give some of the most natural sweetness. Drama leaf is also sweet.

    I wouldn't buy a $5 pipe from China. You can find some nice estate pipe for around $50 that will be awesome smokers.

    a good resource for all things pipe is www.smokersforum.co.uk

    Good luck.
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    and Rich loves the Canucks:001_smile
  5. Yes, he does. He has saved me a fortune. :thumbup1:
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  6. Thanks for the replies, I will investigate buying a new pipe. I am currently using my wife's late grandfathers old set. Quite nice, but not mine.

    I think I can compress and heat the leaves to get my tobacco fermented, but I've only seen that done in bales, and I have but a few plants.

    I will let you know if I generate something worthwhile!


    PS I am from canadia too.
  7. I am having trouble with this link
  8. Good luck on the tobacco endevour. My dad has tried his hand at doing that, didn't fair too well for him. I just let the pros do it.

    The best smoking pipe for a good price is the good ole corn cob made by missouri meerschaum company.
  9. For great quality new and estate pipes, I only use www.pipecraft.org. Mark Stewart is a stand up guy.

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