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    Any recommendations?
  2. Absolute tops without question is Odori Tabacco. Pure aromatic pipe tobacco in a bottle. Heaven.


    Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille - A bit vanilla heavy imo, but nuclear longevity and a good pipe tobacco accord.
    SMN Tabacco Toscano - Some say cigar. If so, it's a sweet cigar. The tobacco note is sweet like you might think of in a pipe tobacco. A bit of vanilla as well.
    By Kilian's Back to Black - I haven't sampled this one (not sure how it has escaped me this long....), but definitely always comes up in tobacco discussions as a honeyed pipe tobacco.

    Then there's the frags that don't really smell like real pipe tobacco, but give the impression or overall "feel" of it:

    Burberry London
    Michael for Men by Michael Kors
    Bogart Pour Homme

    Oh, and don't waste your time on TGC Black Cavendish Extrait unless you want to smell like someone's grandmother's disgustingly cheap potpourri thrown into a blender with random spices and cloves. Blech...

    There's also several other fantastic tobacco scents that fall more toward the cigar end of the spectrum, but I'll go ahead and leave those out as you specified you wanted the pipe variety.
  3. *sigh* I really do need to try the Odori.

    I'm not a fan of Tobacco Vanille, but I can understand why others are. Too much vanilla for me.
    I really like SMN, but I'm one who leans toward it being more like cigar.
    Back to Black is flat out awesome. Definitely my favorite. I'd love to have a bottle... someday.
    I think Bogart is flat out good, especially for the price point. It does sort of give that pipe tobacco feel. Inexpensive enough that it won't kill you on a blind buy even.
    Umm.. sheesh, Tim, I actually kinda like the Cavendish! It reminds me of mah Granny's potpourri!
  4. Doh! I'm sorry Randy, I forgot to include the traditional YMMV disclaimer!!!! I know some guys dig it. It just isn't for me. Sorry to be harsh!
  5. Whoa! That's one guy's opinion. I love it, even if it doesn't have a niche name with snob appeal. And I get compliments every time I wear it.
  6. Another vote for Odori Tabacco. It's somewhat similar to TF TV, but not as vanilla prominent. Odori Cuoio is also very good leather scent. The Odori line is very solid, but pricey. They are more mainstream, and as such, at their price point, many scent fans eschew them as not spectacular enough. They are first rate.

    Odori Tabacco is excellent. Makes you feel like going to the fictional men's club with leather chairs and having a bourbon and. A cigar.
  7. CB I Hate Perfume "Smokey Tabacco" absolute ($55) smells just like sweet pipe tabacco, I have never sampled Odori, but for the HUGE price difference, I dont see how it could smell more like pipe tabacco than something that already smells exactly like pipe tabacco.
  8. It's not a question of whether it smells "more" like pipe tobacco, it's simply a suggestion of a good scent that smells like pipe tobacco. There are several good suggestions here. Haven't smelled it, CB I Hate Perfume has a good rep.
  9. I own Serge Lutens fumerie turque and HATE IT. I'm not a smoker but like tobacco scented fragrances. Maybe you have to be an actual smoker to like this scent?
  10. I've tried a lot of the ones mentioned above, and none of them really satisfy me 100%, but I can say I love SMN Tobacco Toscana best. It is a bit more "accessible" than the others. By that I mean it has a more relaxed feeling and can be worn more often on more occasions, suitable for the office, etc. TF's Tobacco Vanille is my second favorite, although at times it's just too intense for me. I feel that way about TF in general these days. I've tried By Kilian's Back to Black and thought it was too sweet for me but it too is really good, my third favorite tobacco scent out there, but I never reach for it when I have both SMN's Tobacco Toscana and TF's Tobacco Vanille. I love Fumerie Turque, too, but something about it, the spices I think, are just a tad too much for me. It's not as intense as TF's TV but also a slight step away from the "pipe tobacco" vibe, more like hooka vibe, instead. Seems like I tried a l'Artisan that had a pipe tobacco vibe to it, too: Fete du Jour? maybe? My vote is always for TF's TV or SMN's TT.

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