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  1. I was thinking about getting into pipe smoking but just as anything else there is a sea of information and lots of different brands to try. So what would be a good start? I was looking at this pipe for a starter, http://www.thepipeshop.co.uk/store/d...ds-1799-0.html what do you think? Also what are the essentials for a pipe i.e cleaners, filters if so what kind of filters.What would be a good choice of tobacco to start out on? I saw a few guys in other post say irish oak was good,i saw that on that site i posted the link.Is a pipe a good way to try and stop smoking roll ups,like is there a big nicotine hit from not inhaling the pipe smoke? How long does a small bowl of tobacco usually smoke for?
  2. I don't have any experience with pipe smoking but I have researched the subject and what I have found is, that the nicotine you get from a pipe bowl is the same as one cigarette. This means that the nicotine hit is pretty low. What you do in this cases, as I have read, is inhale the pipe smoke until you get enough nicotine and then puff normally, with time you will need less and less nicotine and you want need the huge cigarette nicotine hit. However, if having a nicotine hit is you're way of enjoying tobacco then by all means keep smoking them even side by side with a pipe. I am young but I am smoking RYO as well.
  3. Personally, to start out, I would buy a corn cob pipe. Look for the Missouri Meerschaum brand, American made, and a decent enough smoker. They are cheap, and don't require much for break-in (also, they are a good way to figure out if you prefer a bent stem or straight stem). That way, if you don't like it, you don't have much invested.

    As far as the essentials you will need, Dr. Grabow pipe filters will absorb the moisture well enough (pipe tobacco is very moist compared to cigarette), and again, are cheap. They usually say to change the filter daily, but I usually change after each bowl. You should also get a pipe tool, I prefer the $10 "pocket knife" variety, that will have a pick, tamper, and scraper/reamer in it. Everyone has their own preference to tobacco, but to start out, you can't really go wrong with Captain Black. It's not expensive, but it's not the cheapest stuff out there either. If you want something flavored, I like Paladin Black Cherry, but it has a slight bitter bite. Generally, I find that long kitchen matches are the best way to light the pipe, as it takes a minute or so , and the head of a lighter will get pretty hot in that time. Pipe cleaners are essential, and each smoker has their preference over tapered/straight and other options. I prefer the straight ones, and will use two or three in cleaning the pipe stem.

    Generally, I can get 20 to 30 minutes of smoking from my pipe. I feel pretty relaxed during that time, but it doesn't feel the same as when I smoked cigarettes. I don't notice a nicotine rush, and I don't feel like I need it all the time, like I did with other forms of tobacco use. My advice, relax and enjoy! :001_smile
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  4. Thanks for the replys ill look into the corn cob pipe and said tobacco.As far as the roll ups go i really want to quit them,smoking 62.5 grams of tobacco a week is not healthy nor cheap.Im only 23 and wake up in the middle of the night just to have a ciggarrete despit my weezing.......not good so im looking for an alterntive so ill give pipe soking a shot and start taking snuff a bit more when i fel the cravings.
  5. Pipe tobacco can have a heck of a nicotine punch, but not usually the aromatics. I'm not knocking aromatics at all, theyre just not usually known for their strength.

    Why not go and talk the the people at The Pipe Shop in Edinburgh. They'll be able to recommend something both easily accessible locally and strong enough for you. There are ropes and plugs that'll make your head spin without any inhaling. You'll probably just need a nice medium strength, like a St Bruno Flake.
  6. There are a hundred different answers to your question.

    My recommendation?

    Get a couple briars from here; either Stanwell, Peterson or Savenelli.

    Start with a tin of Davidiff English Mixture.

    Go from there.

    Great resources:
    Dubinthedams YouTube channel. Look at his earlier uploads.
    Vegas Smoke's FAQ
    Unless you're in a big city, with an excellent tobacconist, take what they tell you with a grain of salt. They want to sell what they have in stock.

    This is ONLY the beginning.
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  7. Great reply this.

    My two-bits of advice would be to start with the advice offered at the BOTTOM of this reply and then move to the top. Dubinthedam's advice will well equip you for either striking out on your own OR venturing into your local tobacconist's with some sense of an idea of what it is that you are looking for. Ideally you will have a tobacconist within relatively easy reach which would allow you to get an ounce or two of several different tobaccos into which you've stuck your nose so that you can have at least some sense of what it is that you will be putting into your pipe. But, if not, no worries, just look for an online vendor that offers sample packs. OR at the very least one who offers bulk tobaccos by the ounce or 2 ounce increments.

    Check out www.tobaccoreviews.com where you will find information and reviews on virtually every pipe tobacco in the world with reviews offered by pipe smokers, not just magazine reviews or the producers themselves. Look for the "advanced" search tool and you can specify many different aspects in order to narrow down the literally thousands of tobaccos available. Such things as strength (i.e. nic content), taste, room note (how it smells to others), etc, are big factors in finding the "right" ones for you.

    Cheers and happy smoking!


    *EDIT* I took the liberty of doing a Google search and it seems you have a rather reputable tobacconist there in Glasgow, assuming of course, that the search info is up-to-date and they are, in fact, still open. Maybe you will want to check them out. Harvies @ 20 Moss St, Paisley PA1 1BL, United Kingdom
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  8. Thank you for youre reply but however there is one major flaw,it is not by youre own doing but you have been decieved by the internet......paisley is not part of glasgow.....no matter how much they want to think it is lol.I dare say ill enter bandit country to have a wee look anyway lol.We did have a fantastic tobacconist once,really old timey looking shop that had jars and jars of tobacco and was owned my a very well dressed old man,however it has been replaced with a news agents but still sales tobacco products of a more luxurious standard but i doubt the people running it have a clue as to what they are selling.Ill have a wee look though.
  9. To learn more about the Calabash Pipe which Sherlock Holmes was famously known for smoking visit www.CalabashPipe.com.
  10. I think there are a few guys on smokers forums who are from Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow I think. One of them mentioned a good tobacconist in Edinburgh. I would stay away from aromatics as well. I second the MM corncob. As blue mentioned, pipe tobacco ranges from little to no nicotine to knock you down strength. Especially those ropes and plugs.
  11. Buy a corncob pipe and some Captain Black or Black Cavendish from a local store. A tobacconist will be helpful to you to get you started. Do you smoke tobacco at all otherwise? If so, what do you like? Pipecleaners are nice, but a box of paper filters will get you more mileage at first. A lot of people don't like them, but I do because they absorb some of the moisture from the smoke.
    I usually smoke a bowl for about 15-20 minutes, but when I was puffing along for all I was worth, I burned a bowl in about 5 minutes. A nice relaxing smoke can take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. Expect to re-light your pipe about 3 times.
    DON'T inhale pipe smoke. Much like cigar smoke, it's not meant for that. It has a different pH (higher/more basic) from cigarette (blegh) smoke and will be absorbed more readily through your mouth's membranes.

    If you're looking to replace cigarettes, pipe smoking may not do what you want it to. Unless I smoke the heck out of a pipe, I feel little nicotine. Different blends will give you a lot more nicotine punch, but the absorption is a lot different and might not kill your craving.
    Have you looked into electronic cigarettes/vaporizers? My friend went from camels to e-cigs and is very happy with the change.
  12. I don't reccomend you Davidoff to start with. If you want to try english blens, try Dunhill Mixture mellow or medium.
  13. You should go talk to your local tobacconist, not only will he make recomendations but hell give you samples and teach you how to pack your bowl, how to light your pipe, and just simply educate you on the finer aspects of pipe smoking.
  14. I haven't smoked a pipe since college but remember it fondly and well. Part of the joy is trying different things and the combined sensory input-the feel of the pipe in the hand and mouth, the smell of the tobacco before and during the smoke, the feel and aroma of a good leather pouch, esp. when warmed sitting in your inside coat pocket, the choice of lighter-wooden matches, a dedicated pipe lighter, a zippo, an ember held in tongs, the pipe tool-from a fine piece of jewelry or cutlery to a hammered out nail. The varied pipe sizes and shapes and materials and the infinite variety of tobaccos. Best to find a good tobacconist and check out the options. If I were starting now I'd get a moderate sized, straight smooth briar, some filters, pipe cleaners, inexpensive reamer- scraper, small box of wood strike anywhere matches, a nice leather pouch,small samples of various tobaccos-starting with a mild virginia, a light aromatic and maybe a heavy latakia for fun. Really best not to inhale, you will absorb nicotine via the oral mucous membranes. Between smokes always empty the bowl, dry out with a pipe cleaner, change the filter (if you like them-sometimes they may the draw a little harder) when it starts to turn brown. Oh yeh, light the bowl by drawing the flame into it sucking on the pipe, puff a bit and tamp down with tool or finger to get a good light, some use a second match. NO, NO, I will not do this again, but it is nice to recall....
  15. Nice post! I agree with everything except the "strike anywhere" matches. Those are tipped with white phosphorous (think hand grenades and incendiary bombs) which greatly affect the tobacco taste. Grab the strike-on-box matches or a pipe lighter.
  16. As long as you let the phosphorus burn off, you shouldn't be getting an off flavor. I usually use strike anywhere matches, and have lit up the pipe too quickly after I strike the match, not a good taste. Just make sure you burn the phosphorus off, and the taste will be fine.

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