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Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by TimmyBoston, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. TimmyBoston

    TimmyBoston Moderator Emeritus

    It sure seems like we have a quite a few pipe smokers here. I've only had one for a couple of weeks, so I'm not much of one, but I try. I was curious how many others are here. :smile:
  2. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Present! I enjoy my pipe, especially in the fall for some reason-
  3. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    But of course.
  4. Just started- much to learn- 3 pipes and 7 blends into the xAD.
  5. I started smoking a pipe this summer. I smoked cigars every now and then before that. There is so many choices in pipe smoking its going to take a life time to try most of them.

  6. Count me as a fellow pipe smoker albeit a fairly new one (less than a year).
  7. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    I am with you Tim...learning from some of the Forum members here and other sites on the internet. Just ordered my second decent pipe yesterday.
  8. Pipe and cigar smoker here. Don't smoke my pipes much these days, I kind of go in phases. I usually find time to get in a few good cigars per week.
  9. I also go in phases. Might not smoke at all for a year, then smoke a pipe once a day for a few days, then it might be another year. I'm not really good at it, I guess. Same thing with my hookah. I might smoke it once every several months, if even that much. Either one, to me, is far better (tasting and smelling) than cigarettes. In the off time, I don't smoke at all. Guess I never could build up a proper addiction.
    John P.
  10. Something about the subject made me chuckle when I read it...:wink: :biggrin:
  11. Pipe smoker here too. Have a great supplier in Georgetown Tobocca in D.C. They have some very nice blends and a great selection of pipes. I keep mine in a nice little stand in my den, and probably enjoy a nice smoke once a month or so.
  12. I though this was an interesting thread since there seems to be a number of people that are just beginning the habbit. I was wondering if those people are already smokers of another tobacco or if they are previous non-smokers wanting to try something different out.

    Sorry if this is hijacking the thread. I will start a new one if need be.
  13. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Well I smoke cigars on occasion...have for the last 10 years. I dabbled with the pipe a few years back. Unfortunately I didn't have much info so my experience was with more bulk blends from my local Tinder Box. I would purchase what smelled really good...taste didn't necessarily coincide with that. Not much help from them either.

    Now with the sampling of English and Virginia tobaccos I am finding a whole new appreciation. Nothing wrong with aromatics...but the ones I had tried coupled with a poor technique left something to be desired.
  14. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    I prefer Cuban cigars, but I have been smoking my pipe much more lately, it really is much more cost effective.
    Cheers, DJ.
  15. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    I haul out my pipe on backpacking trips. That's about it these days.
  16. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Uh huh...and then try to cover it up with Mr. Taylor...likely story...
  17. Pipes (meerschaums) and cigars here too.
  18. I am most anxiously awaiting the arrival of an absolutely gorgeous pipe that unfortunately appears to have been delayed in the post. If that package ends up lost...:eek:
  19. I smoke a pipe occasionally. I've never really had any "good" tobacco though.
  20. Pipe smoker here. Been smoking a pipe for twelve or thirteen years. I smoke mostly tobacco store blends, but have "rediscovered" the McClelland's tinned stuff (like the Frog Morton blends).

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