Pipe PIF #3 5/6/2012

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by zatopus, May 6, 2012.

  1. Gonna be THREEwinners this time around! First person picked will get to choose which pipe they want. I'll upload the other pipes in a bit... Just decided to add them a second ago.

    Ok so here we are again. Welcome to the 3rd PIF in crusade to grow the Brown Leaf section of B&B. This one is a Dr Grabow "REGAL" briar pipe. I've never smoked it but minus a couple kinda deep teeth marks and some burns on the rim it looks pretty good. I really like the grain on this one. Should be a good enough starter pipe for someone. It doesn't need as much cosmetic attention as the last two pipes I gave away.

    Rules and whatnot! Anyone new to pipe smoking, or anyone that has been smoking the cob for years and wants to know what they are missing is welcome to enter. Just let me know if you want in. Winner should let everyone know what they thought of the experience. If you hated it and chucked the pipe across the room in frustration that's fine, just tell us about it. I'll pick a winner Saturday at 4pm, no entries after 3pm.


    pipe measurements: 5.5" long, bowl chamber .75" wide 1.25" deep.
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  2. Pipe #2 is a no name briar with some swirls carved into it. It could use a good polish, but should be a good smoker.


    Measurements: 5.75" long, bowl chamber just shy of .75" wide and its 1.25" deep
  3. Count me in please.
  4. Smoke the occasional cigar, but would love to a pipe -- I'm in! Thank you dor your generosity.
  5. Pipe #3 is Dr Grabow "ROYAL DUKE". It's in great shape minus some chatter on the stem.


    Measurements: 6" long, bowl chamber is .6" wide and almost 1.5" deep.
  6. You're in!
  7. You're in also!
  8. I tried a pipe in college, and I just bought one here a few weeks ago (thanks Gary). I'd love to have something to compare it to!
  9. Sure thing, you're in!
  10. Some great PIFs, Haiku. Just wanted to bump this. Count me out, though- a buddy is sending me some pipes he is no longer smoking. It looks like I should have them tomorrow. Come on, newbies- jump on this pronto.
  11. Thank you sir. Wondering why you weren't entering this time. Come on guys, get on this one!
  12. I'd like to be in if eligible. I have one very cheap briar that doesn't seem to be well put together and want to see if a better pipe would improve the experience.
  13. Very nice PIF! My Dr Grabow Bent Regal is my "go to" pipe, so I can assure the winner(s) they won't be let down!
  14. Nice PIF!!!
    Please count me in!!!!
    I've been "smoking" a cheap chinese thing that I get after a series of unfortunate events and I want to taste the real thing.
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  15. Count me in! I missed the last one. Awesome PIF!!
  16. I'd love to be considered! I missed the last one. And thank you again.
  17. I'd love to be in on this. Thank you!
  18. You are in!
  19. Ugh. I got a cheap chinese pipe rolling around here also. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. You're in!
  20. You're in brother!

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