Pinaud Clubman Hair Styling Gel

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by mdevine, May 12, 2010.

  1. mdevine

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    I saw a jar of Pinaud Clubman Hair Styling Gel at the local CVS with the shaving supplies and at $5 a jar I couldn't pass it by. Has anybody tried it? What has your experience been?
  2. love the smell of it , love the hold, and clubman one of the most trusted brand in the shaving world. Thats the gel i use when i go out to look casual on other days i use groom and clean
  3. one of my favorites.
  4. Great stuff.

    Holds my hair in place without the grease or smell of other hair products.

    Get it locally for under $4 a jar.
  5. Their regular green gel is okay. The extra hold yellow gel, not so good. Both tend to flake more than other better quality gels. Let's face it though, the only reason to use it is, as Rocky said, to make you "smeel mainly."
  6. Never tried it. I like a gel that holds without making the hair feel stiff.

    I use Gillette of all brands, it holds great but the hair feels soft still if you run your hand through it.

    Is the Clubman like this?
  7. I have tried the Green and it was decent hold and nice manly smell. Didn't like the yellow stronger hold-too sticky and flaked when I recombed. Most days I prefer Groom and Clean with some Vitalis mixed in- nice barber shop smell, no flakes and every hair stays in place
  8. azmark

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    Love the stuff. Smells great and works very well.
  9. Recently started using this instead of my usual American Crew for the same reason. Instead of $14, I can get away for $5, and it smells great. I did have a slight flaking issue at first, but I think I was just using more than I needed to.
  10. Great stuff. I don't need it often as I have shorter hair but I like having something on it to keep it laying the way I like it and keeping a little cow lickage under control.

    I find the trick to not getting the stiffness/obvious gel look/flaking is to apply to towel dried but still slightly moist hair with slightly damp hands, sort of feather in just the bare minimum amount you need for the amount of hair on your head, and make sure it's applied evenly. Literally, a dab'll do ya.
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  11. +1 it's great stuff. I discovered it by accident a couple of years ago, having gone to a Toronto Beauty and Barber Supply store for Fraser's creams, saw the Pinaud and Clubman stuff, and picked up a bunch of stuff I didn't originally shop for -- including the green tub of Clubman hair gel. Holds beautifully, and smells just awesomely! Imagine the "barbershop smell" in a hair gel. :w00t:

  12. IMO, being a "shaving" company doesn't make them an expert on cranial hair styling.

    I try to stick to products from companies that specialize in cranial hair product.

    Just as I would buy soap/cream from Joico, Redken or Paul Mitchell.
  13. On Friday last week, I noticed my barber had some of this when he was cutting my son's hair. The cap was slightly off, so I snuck a sniff of it. Smelled good, but not like the Clubman AS. Still haven't used it. Got a summer buzzcut last week anyways (a '1' on the back and sides, slightly longer on top) so I have no need for it.

  14. I would categorize Pinaud Clubman as specializing in men's grooming products, not just shaving, hair styling gel constitutes as such. I know from personal experience that it's a fine product. Great even, considering the price.
  15. 73mountaineer

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    +1 on the Clubman green, I've been using it for a couple of weeks & love it! I have even started using it on weekends when I usually don't put anything on my hair.
    Great smell & just the bit of light hold that I need on my hair. I have really fine hair and keep it pretty short so I look like a fuzz ball if I don't put anything in it to give it some texture. The Clubman seems to be perfect for what I want it to do :thumbup1:

    - Steve :001_cool:
  16. +1

    I couldn't said it any better. With my fine hair which I keep short Clubman just does a great job in giving my hair a nice hold and prevents that fuzz ball look.

    It is an overlooked product.
  17. I agree with Abdiel. Just use a dab o' The Green on damp hair. One of the best products out there!
  18. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    I love it. I recently bought a tub when my normal gel ran out. Works better than what I used before and I love the smell.
  19. I serendipitously bought some at the local CVS because they were out of Groom and Clean, my normal gel. This stuff doesn't make your hair look greasy, it's not too stiff (unless you use too much), and it holds very well ALL DAY LONG. I don't think I'll be going back to G&C.
  20. I was just at walgreens looking for Thayer's witch hazel, and I thought about buying the exact same thing. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you, I might have to go back and buy it.

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