Pinaud bottles always leak

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  1. Anyone every had a Pinaud bottle not leak during shipping? Out of the seven or so products I've received, more than half have dripped inside the shipping box. Usually it's the poorly fitted cap on the bottles, but I've had a couple where the bottles were actually cracked and leaked inside the box. Luckily, the most I've lost is about 1/4 of the bottle, but still, the shippers could either wrap them in a zip lock bag or wrap them in extra bubble wrap.

    Other than their cheap bottles, I love Pinaud products.
  2. My Pinaud bottles are always sealed under the cap. I would be questioning your source if they aren't. As for the bottles cracking, rough shipping man. It's only plastic.
  3. Some of the caps don't fit well either. I often get leakage if I shake my Pinaud bottles before use. (I added glycerin to them so I give them a shake before use.)
  4. Funny you mention it, when I received my 12oz Bay Rum bottle from a order they had sealed it in a ziplock style bag and it had indeed leaked a little. Not too much, but I was thinking that the bottle might have broken. Must have just been the cap however as I have not seen it leak since.
  5. If the Veg leaks,stay away as far as possible and call Haz-Mat
  6. Yep. My Special Reserve and Vanilla clubman spilled on my floor about 2 days ago due to the plastic cap coming unscrewed. Very interesting scent mixture though. Not reccomended of course. If the Veg would have fallen on the floor i would have been faced with the true test wether I like the scent or not. Right now it's just sitting there waiting for the day I'll give it a fair chance.
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    The lids aren't on tight enough. I bought one in NYC, went to London and it leaked. Fortunately it was still in it's plastic bag. I just tightened the cap under the plastic seal and it was good for the rest of my trip and back to Australia.
  8. No, I haven't had a leaky bottle from Pinaud, but then again, I pick them up locally so if there was a leaky one, I wouldn't pick it up
  9. The bottle of Pinaud I ordered from WCS made it all the way across the country without leaking, so that was good.
  10. None of mine leak and I have both size bottles
  11. My last order from Appleton Barber Supply was fine. I had three bottles in that order and have never had a leakier from those guys.
  12. Spoonylove & Chris:
    I've never had a leaky bottle (maybe I'm just lucky), and I add about 10 drops of glycerin per 6oz bottle...and always give the bottle a shake before use. :lol1:

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  13. I just got a bottle of Clubman Special Reserve from WCS and it had leaked almost down to the "shoulder" of the bottle during its trip cross country. The cap was 1/8th turn loose under the safety seal...
  14. +1 Appleton Barber Supply - couple orders no leaks
  15. I received three bottles of Clubman Vanilla with no leaks, but the seller also included a free nail file, which almost sawed through one of the bottles.
  16. why being shipped? Boise dont have walgreens or rite aid pharmacies? they always have the originial pinaud.
  17. I wanted more than the original Clubman and the Veg. I have 7-8 varieties.

  18. I have never had a problem with any leaking bottles of Pinaud...
    But I am also fortunate enough to be able to get my Pinaud's from numerous local stores.
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    alcolado glacial (the penguin) almost always leaks..horrible neck,threads and cap.
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    I've never ordered any Pinaud stuff through the mail, but the bottles almost always leak when I bring them home from the store. I've had Clubman, Clubman Musk, Special Reserve and (Ick!) Tres Flores spills in my car.

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