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    ***********10% PRICE MARKDOWN**************

    Originally asking $195.oo shipped, now $175.5o shipped!!!! still CONUS/PayPal only please.
    This is cheaper than a feather SS !!!!!!!

    Hi, just looking to part ways with my Pils razor. Its in mint condition, ive had it since late December 2011. It was my last purchase before my 2012 sabbatical. I assure you, It has absolutely no rust issues, it will arrive in the original box, even with the tag around the handle as it does new. I saved all original packaging. It is just a little too aggressive for me, and I need the $$$ more than a fancy razor. If youve been on the wall about buying a feather or a Pils, I understand, as I too was at the same point. My best description of the razor is, its like a Merkur Futur, with a setting of 2.5-3. It has the same audible feedback IMO, and just reminds me of it. Of course the head of the pils allows for better mustache/nose shaving. I purchased this from Royal shave with the B&B 10% discount So it was $216 shipped. I am asking only $195.oo shipped via USPS Priority mail, tracking, and CONUS/PAYPAL only please. PM me with any offers heres a few pics!! I will through in a free pack of feather blades with this razor too. :)

    $photo 1.jpg
    $photo 2.jpg
    $photo 3.jpg
    I assure you, its in "as new" condition...
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  2. This is a very fair price for a superb razor. It is the only razor I own that gets used every week.
  3. I know, I'm suprised it's still here. Oh well, somebodies gonna get a good deal. :)
  4. Can any razor be worth that much? I'm new to this but the differences between razors seems subtle. Got my best shave yet this morning from an old Tech with almost no remaining finish that I picked up for $2 in an antique shop. Perhaps that razor is better but 100 times better?
  5. you'll understand in a couple months. :innocent:
  6. Too rich for my blood. But, as I've read, it's a very fine razor.
  7. anybody interested is free to PM me, I'm sure we can work something out. :)
  8. ******10% PRICE MARKDOWN********
    in accordance to bst rules, I am posting a 10% price markdown, effective immediately.

    Original asking price $195.oo is now $175.50 shipped still CONUS/Paypal only please.

  9. Dave258

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    WOW... I picked one of these up a couple weeks ago and love it! At this price, if you've been thinking about trying one, you would be crazy not to!
    Good luck with your sale!
  10. I have to say, I love my Pils too, and I paid much more. It may not be clear from the ad, but this one looks like the version with some parts that are nickel plated. These weren't available when I got mine, but I love the look of this one with the shiny nickel.
  11. Sale pending: face&head
  12. Sweet deal...
  13. *************SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD******************

    Thanx to face&head, and once again to B&B!!!


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