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    Can any of you recommend a pillow that won't go flat as a pancake after two months or so. I have had some bad luck over the past seven or eight years and can not seem to find a decent pillow. I've had frim/soft..etc.

  2. Welcome to B&B. I have latex pillows that won't go flat.
  3. Welcome to B&B. Kind of an odd first post, but welcome nonetheless.

    I received some Martha Stewart branded synthetic pillows from Macy's for my wedding this past January. They weren't cheap (~$60 for a pair) but they are extremely comfortable and have held up very well for coming up on a full year now. I also have a cheap no-name memory foam pillow that is probably about 2 years old that is starting to go flat. I think my wife got it at walgreens.
  4. Memory Foam, great, cool when its warm and shape to your head/neck
  5. These are what I use. They never flatten out.
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    As you see we cover a wide array of topics here.
    I have two Tempurpedic pillows that are great. They are hypo allergenic and do not collapse the way most do.
    They cradle your noggin nicely.
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    Personally I like flatter pillows, but my wife really enjoys her buckwheat pillow. It doesn't seem any flatter than when originally purchased years ago.
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    I had a buckwheat pillow. Kinda the best of both worlds. You can plump it as you see fit and you can move some to the side if you want flatter. Great for sleeping on your back. Same with a tempurpedic. I sleep on my tummy and what works the best for that is down and then when they get your body's/face's oils, they flatten out a bit.
  9. I am partial to my goose down pillows. They've lasted quite well so far. Coming up on a year.
  10. I sure wish I could. I sleep on very old full goose feather pillows and I cant find anything to replace them with.
  11. TJ MAxx or MArshalls..usually have a great selection...I got 4 Goose down pillows..Real nice, 2 were on clearance and some nice 800 count Cotton sheets also on clearence! Ended up paying under $60 for some quality stuff.:biggrin:
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    Down pillows! Give them a shake daily, and once in a while put them on the window sill or somewhere else and let them air out.
  13. I had a Tempurpedic neck pillow and after a year it had lost most of its contour and was pretty flat. I think pillows are only designed to last for so long and need to be replaced periodically. probably really good goose down pillows last the longest.

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