PIF - Random Acts of Kindness in Memory of Sue Moore

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  1. As the blessed recipient of the B&B Saint Sue PIF I am overwhelmed with the bumper-crop of shaving goodness I have received. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas I want to share some of the love with you, and indirectly, with the people that come across your path.

    For this PIF, all you need to do is a random act of kindness for someone you don't know and post about it below. You can enter more than once but the act of kindness must be done for a different stranger at a different time. For example, if you hold the door for a group of 20 senior citizens at the grocery store it only counts for one entry. However, if you hold the door for a stranger three times during the day each time can count as an entry.

    I'm not going to split hairs (or whiskers) about what does or doesn't constitute an act of kindness. The intent is that we brighten up someone's day by doing something gentlemanly (or gentlewomanly) that we don't see too often in society these days.

    I think it's also a fitting tribute to Sue Moore and hopefully would bring a smile to her face if she could read about the things you do for others.

    I will track entries and at the end of the PIF I will use Random.org to select a winner. This PIF is open to all B&B members worldwide and will run until midnight EST, December 12, 2010.

    Enough of the talk, let's get on to the prize:

    Razors: Gillette Red Tip (B4), a Gillette 40's Superspeed (Y3), 1 Gillette Fat Handle Tech

    Soaps: 1 L'Occitane CADE shaving soap, 1 Palmolive shaving soap stick (tallow version), 2 Arko shaving soap sticks (both are unused but 1 was opened by the previous owner), 1 Van der Hagen deluxe shaving soap, 1 Chandrika Sandal body soap

    Creams: 1 Godrej deluxe lather, 1 CO Bigelow, 1 Cremo Cream

    1 vie long bristle brush and 1 80% full bottle of Pinaud Clubman aftershave lotion (unfortunately if we have an international winner this won't be able to be shipped because of the alcohol content).
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  2. Very good show! :a14:
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    That's what I'm talking about!! :thumbsup:
  4. i held the door open for a lady who had an armful of packages on my way out of the post office
  5. I am home from college right now and the other day me and a friend went to our favorite burger joint and after a filling meal we were hanging out in the parking lot and looking over the river behind the shop. Shortly a homeless man who lives right next to the banks of the river came up to the two of us asking for a cigarette. We each gave him one and then spent the next ten minutes standing around talking with him about bad luck, life etc. afterward we left him with some money to go inside and get himself something hot to eat and also our best wishes for his luck to turn around and that he can stay warm during the coming winter. Its really moments like that which make you realize how lucky you are, how cruel and unforgiving the world is and that even if you hate your school/job you still have food on your table and should be happy.
  6. I was in Wal-Fart the other day in the Electronics Dept. I needed a splitter box to run multiple components on a TV that only has one set of RCA jacks. An older couple came up and picked out a unit that cost 3 times as much. I asked them if they were in the same boat I was and explained what I picked out to them. To make a long story short, they bought the same thing I bought and they thanked me for saving them about $30.
  7. This is a nice pif, shows how generous our members are, goodluck to all who enter.
  8. best thing i have ever done for a random person that comes to mind as of right now is that I bought a homeless man a family pack of fried chicken, a loaf of french bread and a two litre bottle of coke. Then i gave him directions to a place where he could sleep for a couple of days.... but that was a little over a year ago so i dont know if you will include that or not. I also recently(last week) gave someone directions to a wine bar that they had been looking for and explained the atmosphere of the place etc.
  9. Excellent idea, I know all the people who I put a roof over their heads in the past year so don't count me in just wanted to say good work and great Pif, I look forward to reading stories.
  10. My wife and I were at a restaurant, in a fairly small and quiet room, and only one other table was occupied. There sat two gentlemen, discussing the tough times one was going through, while the other was offering what moral support he could. They discussed matters of life, philosophy, spirituality and faith. My wife and I found their conversation so fascinating, we hardly spoke to each other at all during the meal. Throughout dinner, I found their conversation spurring me to examine my own life, often wishing my ability to face life's trials was more like theirs.

    We finished our meal first, and when we received our check, we were accidentally given theirs. My wife and I looked at each other - not a word needed to be said. We asked for our bill, paid them both and left without a word.
  11. I pulled aside the 13 year old who looked like he was lost in the weight room.

    Explained to him the basics and what he needed to do at his age. (You rarely see the older guys taking the younger guys under their wings in the gym nowadays...my dad taught me how to lift weights when I was 12 or so...its' a good age to start)

    He has trained with me 3 or 4 times now, everytime I see him at the gym. His mother and sister both thanked me, as now he is exercising at home and regaining the strength he lost when he broke his wrist.

    (BTW, I love reading all the nice stuff people do for each other.)
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  12. And, today at work, a joint effort on the part of my mother and I and my two brothers (we own the company). We bought Thanksgiving dinner for all of our clients (96 of them) and all of our staff (220 of them).
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    My local grocery store runs a promotion every year where you get a free turkey if you purchased $x.xx worth of groceries over the previous month. I got my turkey certificate this week, asked the store to donate it to the local food bank, and then purchased my own turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
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    I held the door open for two gents entering the gym this morning.
  15. What a great idea for a PIF!
  16. Very Nice PIF. Earlier today I noticed one of the ladies at my work unloading a bunch of boxes to bring inside. So I went out loaded up with all but one of the boxes, couldn't get the last one myself, and brought them all in and set them at her desk.
  17. picked up the gentleman's tab at O'Charleys Sunday after church. The deed was done before he knew about it. I hope he paid it forward.
  18. This PIF is an exceptionally noble gesture. I like the exponential kindness factor :thumbup1: Plus the gear is all top shelf!
  19. Last week while getting my daily caffeine fix on the way to work at a Tim Horton's drive-thru, I decided to pick up the tab of the car behind me in line. It wasn't much but I hope I helped someone start there day off right.

    Thanks for starting this PIF and hopefully it encourages all to do a good deed.
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    About a month ago I was flying from Houston to Kansas City. I had been upgraded to 1st class. There was one man in uniform getting on the same flight. I offered him my 1st class ticket. He refused but genuinely appreciated the offer.

    Over the weekend we had a new member join who was a bit down on his luck. I piffed him a Tech, and some blades to help him get started.

    This is a great PIF Andy, I do not want to partake but will keep posting and reading. We always here about the horrible things mankind does, but never the random acts of kindness.


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