PIF: Pakistani Pain Inflictor (Because I proposed to Seraphim once again)

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by honed, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Seeing our own Bathrobe Batman perform his Chopstick Kamisori shave startled me. I mean he got a stronghold on the title "Shave of the Year" all ready in March!
    This made me consider the mans greatness.
    And what other way is better to celebrate & honor a great shaver then to PIF a razor in his name.
    A Pakistan razor.

    In fact the very same razor the good man sent me many moons ago.

    A Pakistani Pain Inflictor. A letter-opener for those with the sickest of minds, the filthiest of shave-dens.

    Be warned, there is no way in Hell you can shave with this one, oh no. "They" all say so.
    I shaved with it twice, straight from the deranged lapping films of Bad Boy C.
    Just this night I re-honed it on Shaptons & tested it. And it sure holds a nice, shaving edge. But as we all know, you can not shave with it.
    I mean you can't even shave with a Gold Dollar. How in the hoot are ya gonna shave with this one???

    So be warned, be very, very afraid.
    By winning this PIF you will have a putrid spawn of the Devil sent to your own house & by entering you will sign a contract, in your own blood, that you will,
    if punished with winning the PIF, shave with this atrocity & not only shave with it but also tell us all about the horrors. And you are also responsible to
    arrange for your family to make such a statement given that you are not able to do so yourself following the severe consequences of the shave.

    So, in short,

    State here that you want to try a Pakistani Pain Inflictor (I prefer that you have some experience with a straight from before to have something to compare to, being run over by a lawn-mover or having been stabbed in the face multiple times also counts favorably)
    And if you win you must be prepared to swiftly try it out & state your experience in a thread on B&B (you our your loved ones who witnessed the terror)

    As a bonus you will also be invited to sing at the wedding (additional terms & conditions might apply)

    So...who's in :w00t:
  2. Mike H

    Mike H Moderator Emeritus

    Well since I just sent my Krystal Edge to Paco, I feel an emptiness in my heart,
    and since you only have eyes for Seraphim, maybe I can live vicariously through your razor.

    I want to try a Pakistani Pain Inflictor
  3. HLS


    Please pass the Pakistani Pain Inflictor. Maybe I can add to my scar collection.

  4. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    I would enter, but my experiences with the Chinese Chin Cutters have been bad enough :lol:
  5. I want to try a Pakistani Pain Inflictor. I'm not afraid (but I probably should be).

    I will write (if still capable) about the experience. I will also bring the pain to another (un)lucky soul once I'm done getting rid of my epidermis.
  6. I'm in, I have actually gotten a Tomahawk to shaving condition. Soft steels can take an edge, they just wont hold it longer than two shakes of lambs tale.
  7. The Pakistani razor wasn't what I'd call soft. I shaved with it 2-3 times, and it held up just fine.
  8. Here's a thread with info about the razor at hand:
  9. Ditto.

    This is nothing like a cheapo steel razor, it hones just like any other razor, really.
    I'll provide some pics tonight if there is anyone else out there interested in this atrocity.....
  10. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Seeing as how Pakistan is just a stone's throw from where I am currently, I'd love to see what their craftsmanship is like.

    I really want to try a Pakistani Pain Inflictor!
  11. ide like to try the Pakistani Pain Inflictor please count me in
  12. Hit me. I'll try the Pakistani pain inflictor. I can always PIF it again.

  13. Clearly no G.B.Buckingham if it shaves! :laugh:

    I'm no good singer, so I'm out.
  14. I'll throw my name in the hat for this PIF.

    It could be interesting to see how well a letter opener shaves.
  15. Bring it awn! Im in. thanks
  16. Bring it on, I haven't had any serious injuries yet, lets fix that.
  17. I remember the original offer and would love to be in.
  18. What the hey, I'm in? My wife loves the "stubbly" look, so she doesn't necessarily agree with my clean-shaven habits. This should fit into our lives perfectly I would say...I get to "shave", and there will still be a bunch of hair left over, eh?
  19. I had to think carefully about the pros and cons in this PIF, after hours of contemplating this made me enter:
    I'm in!
  20. The reason I thought it was a cheapo was the title "Pakistani pain inflicter" and the general rule of most Pakistani blades. I'm very curious about this razor now, I read that selective professional is a brand to stay away from. This one is just called selective right? Cheap razors that take a decent edge are always a marvel to me. :)

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