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    I recently ordered a fATIP Piccolo and a Fatip Grande in chrome.Apparently I ordered 2 grandes instead of one.These are pretty aggressive oc's so I'm gonna donate one of the grandes to a active service member.I have never done a PIF before so any suggestions are welcome.I would however prefer the razor go to a needy serviceman or woman in active duty.

    I haven't gotten the packages yet so there's still time for suggestions on how to run this.Either essays or the number method,but I'm open to all ideas.

    Many Thanks

    Gam (Gerry)
  2. This is a nice PIF. I wouldnt really consider myself needy, so if there is someone that could use it more than I could give it to them!

    But, I would love to have it so you can count me in.
  3. Gam

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    It's just my way of saying Thank You.I was in the army reserve during the Vietnam War,if you've seen F Troop you'll get a good idea of what my company was like.The only action I saw was during the Mail Strike and Nixon gave us a year off of our service for being activated.My company Commander and officers would make bets on the day I would go awol during summer camp.Well Hells Bells they sent me to Fort Lee,Virginia Beach,Watertown,thousand islands I'm a NY'er and a Limey to boot what did they expect,:lol:
  4. Gam

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    Come on dont be shy if you wanted to try a Fatip here's yer chance if you can handle a M-15 a Fatip is a walk in the park.
  5. That's a really nice offer, Gerry. I am not needy either (agonizing over which of the collection to take on deployment in a few weeks - the Slim is winning but I've changed that like 5 times in a week) so I'd rather it go to someone more in need. Great PIF though, I love what you're doing!

    Happy shaving
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    Although I do not qualify I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you and the members of B&B who regularly take care of our active duty members. IMO we can't do enough to support them as they put themselves on the line to ensure our freedoms. I'm also a Vietnam era vet and as you know we were treated very "differently" than we now treat our brave service men and women. Well done, my friend! Cherrio, pip pip and all that.

    Enjoy your shaves.

  7. Woman? With a Fatip Grande? Help me understand...
  8. That'd be M-16..or AR-15.
  9. Gam

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    Just wanted to be polictically correct,as for the M-15 that was a typo that my olde eyes missed.I should have known better as I shot Expert with a M-16.
  10. Im getting ready to be out the door to afghaniland again in a couple weeks...I'm hoping my first DE gets here before i leave...got myself a merkur classic, not sure i qualify but thank you to all on here for introducing me to the world of the DE. I've been using soap for the last week and learning to build a lather with a typical walmart brush and soap (gotta start somewhere) and loving every minute of it :)
  11. Thanks for the PIF, and thanks to all the active and past military members out there.

    Even if the members are treated a little nicer than in the Vietnam era, I don't think they're still given the respect they deserve in general.
  12. You won't have some sort of APO in Afghanistan?
  13. Bumping to keep on the 1st page
  14. Gam

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    Another bump to keep on the 1st page
  15. Maybe you might want to get a "Veteran" banner?
  16. As a matter of fact I will have an address
  17. And I vote essays on your career good and the bad what's happened if you are willin to talk about it
  18. Gam

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    I was in the Army Reserve,the only action I saw was when we got activated during the mail strike in the 70's.I definately don't deserve a Veteran banner,but I was a great shot with a rifle.I did my boot camp at Fort Jackson.
  19. A little nicer treatment? You every been spit on and had chicken blood tossed on your uniform, along with enduring a chorus of screams of contempt thrown at you, coming through San Francisco Airport, after a combat tour?

    I'm not complaining or living in the past...just think you're comment is quite an understatement.
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  20. A GI is a GI. But that's your call...

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