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Discussion in 'The Score' started by rickboone1, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. I don't have anything to give away for this PIF. YOU do. Here's the game. Need 20 people. You send a gift to one person. The person getting the gift has no clue what it is or who it's from. Send whatever you like. No post limits, no price limits, just fun.

    Post your interest here in this thread. You'll be given a person's name and mailing address. You will send me via PM your delivery confirmation just to avoid any issues.

    Simple as that. Get whatever you want as a gift. Big, small, shaving or non. Does not matter. The thrill will be in getting a gift and sending it to someone knowing they have no clue what they'll get or who it's coming from.

    As a recipient you will post in this thread photos of the gift you got!

    Okay, let's go!
  2. Might be fun, count me in.
  3. I'd be interested in sending something to someone! This is a great idea! Thanks!
  4. Count me in too. Sounds cool.
  5. I'm definitely in...Secret Santa in March!
  6. Even though T.J. is in, I'll play along as well - count me in. :biggrin:
  7. Awesome, guys! keep the names coming. I"m going to go down a list and randomly select who you send something to. I'm excited to see what people will be getting. I don't even want to name anything as an example as I don't want to begin to throw out an idea.
  8. No hints? Damn. I was going to say mine is definitely not a dirigible.

    or is it?
  9. Im in - I love Secret Santa's!

    Though I definitely think there should be a suggested price range so people know what to expect, and of course you are welcome to disobey and go above the range as you'd like!

    No complaining from the receiver allowed :thumbup:

  10. I thought about it, but that's a lot of the fun. Take a look at the Big Box threads and you'll see I'm not too worried about what people give. And, hey...if you get a wooden nickel as your gift the point it about the giving! You aren't in it to get a gift. It's just fun to give sometimes. :thumbup:
  11. I'm in.
  12. I'm in, too, sounds like fun.
  13. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Yep, Sign me up! Sounds like fun.
  14. Great IDEA!!:w00t:
  15. Im game. Count me in.
  16. Are you sure we can't request our first person to gift to? I'd like to send Ken a beautifully wrapped swift kick in the hind end...and some Williams.
  17. Cool! :thumbup1: This sounds like a lot of fun. Please count me in - thanks! :001_smile
  18. I'll pick out a nice dress for you there nancy...
  19. oh what they hey, i'm in.
  20. Danger! Danger! He's loose again!
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