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    Here is my 1 week test, similar to the one found
    here, but perhaps not as technical as I did not dry between uses, did not try to limit the amount of lather used etc.

    I used my usual A-B-C's in my head for a lather time (about 15sec) for each use. I varied my razor every couple of days and my brush daily. I bowl lathered some days and face lathered others, to give an overall general idea of how much I use "on average".

    Hardware used:
    Feather AS-D1
    Bull Progress Deluxe
    BRW Gillette New with Short Combs
    Semogue LE Bristle 2
    Semogue 1305
    Thater Stout 2
    TGN Finest Restore

    Method Used:
    Day 1 Face Lather
    Day 2 Bowl Lather
    Day 3 Face Lather
    Day 4 Bowl Lather
    Day 5 Bowl Lather
    Day 6 Face Lather
    Day 7 Bowl Lather

    My pretest weight of the jar with lid was 470.3g, my post-test weight was 461.3g. Therefor I used an average of 1.285g per shave. Much more then the previous tester, but I made sure I used enough on my brush to last the entire shave or enough in my scuttle for an extra touch up pass. I see no need in trying to stretch product to last for years.

    Overall it was a fantastic "Week with Martin". My lathers were perfect every day, no matter what brush or method I used. My shaves were equally as good.

    Based on my price of MdC shipped to me from France, $60cdn, I figure my average $/use of MdC is sitting around $0.45 per day.

    To me, it's well worth it. It's a no-brainer when it comes to lather and delivers some of the thickest, bountiful, luxurious lather I have ever experiences.

    My week of using it daily reaffirms my purchase and what I already knew....MdC is worth every penny.


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