Picked up some Solani 633 Viginia Flake with Perique

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by KarlMaldensNose, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. It was between that and 656 Aged Burley Flake. I had read some reviews on the 656 that it is very smooth and mild, and I was actually looking for something with a good kick to it. Not necessarily with respect to nicotine, but more to do with strong flavour. Went with 633 based on everything I've read about Perique having a distinctive spicey quality to it. It's not what I expected. Tin smell is odd, makes me think of fermenting fruit. It's bright, sharp and sweet... kinda jammy. I've smoked a few bowls and while it is okay (definitely more interesting than the personality-less bulk English and aromatic mixes I've been trying) it is not something I want to spend too much more time with. I certainly didn't take to it immediately like I did with Frog Morton. As it's ridiculously expensive from a B&M store in Canada, I don't want it to go to waste. Too bad PIFing and trading tobacco is a no-no here because these flakes are perfect for quickly and easily throwing a few in an envelope and shipping off to someone else who's curious about 633 or who already likes it.:001_cool:

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