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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by RichGem, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Some C&D tobacco "mysteriously" :ihih: showed up at more door today and I'd like suggestions on what to crack open & fire up first. Please select from: Autumn Evening, Blockade Runner, and After Hours and let me know. Comments on those also welcome. You have until about 8pm Eastern before I fire up.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Unfortunately I only have experience with one of those, Autumn Evening. I like that one but my vote is biased. :lol:
  3. I also had some arrive yesterday . . . but mine was no mystery!!! :biggrin1:

    I'm going to try the Autumn Evening first. (Even if it is winter outside!)
  4. I tried the first two. I prefer autumn evening. Its one of the only aromatics I can smoke.
  5. looks like the "autumns" have it. thanks !
  6. Please do let us know how it is. The only C&D that I have smoked is Purple Cow.

  7. So far, I'm liking it (smoking it now). It's a bit wet and so I have to relight & tamp frequently. The maple scent is very noticeable (and pleasant) in the can. I don't notice it as much when it's lit, but the room note is there with a touch of sugar... reminds me a bit of kettle pop corn minus the corn and butter tastes, if that makes sense. And of course, mapley goodness is evident. I'll have to wait 'till I finish smoking to get the real room note tho. So far, tho, I'm pleased.
  8. I definitely like my Autumn Evening (actually most aromatics) on the dry side. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
  9. Thanks, Blue. I have two more to try, but I'm thinking AE could be a keeper.
  10. After finishing my smoke and sniffing some ground coffee (it resets your sense of smell), the room note seems to be largely "sugar" with a hint of maple. A little unusual, perhaps, but not at all unpleasant. Tomorrow morning, after the room has had a chance to marinade, will be the true test.
  11. Autumn Evening is a really good aromatic, it makes me want pancakes.
  12. I'm convinced.:lol:

    Next time I place an order with Smoking Pipes, I'll get a tin of Autumn Evening.

  13. That's where I got mine. IIRC, there's a sale on at the moment, or maybe the price was a bit discounted.
  14. I've bought from them a couple of times in the past. There was another online vendor that i liked but I don't recall their name.

  15. Blockade Runner's up tonight.

    I must admit some initial confusion/surprise when I opened the tin and found what appeared to be a brownie.

    So, question... should I crumble the whole thing up now or just break up a chunk at a time?
  16. Rich, not a 100% sure but I think you only flake off what you intend to smoke at the time.

  17. Thanks, Dustin. That's what I was betting on.

    So far, not an overly flavorful smoke (tho smelled quite "english" in the tin), but it burns beautifully.... minimal relighting thus far, but perhaps a bit more tamping than others.

    edit: upon second can-sniff, I can detect more of the rum scent there.
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  18. You can do whatever you want with it, it's your tobacco, but I would recommend, like Dustin said, use a sharp kitchen knife and slice off a flake at a time, you can then vary your prep to see how you like it best, you can break the up flake into chunks and smoke it, or cut it up into a thin shag, or fold in in half across the grain and then fold it in half with the grain, twist it a little and stick the whole thing in you pipe.
  19. Thanks!

    I broke off a chunk and rubbed it (I guess) into a bunch of (mostly) flakes. Seems to have worked well and pipe loaded easily. I think I'll keep it in "brownie" form with the exception of the left over flakes from the first loading.
  20. Well, pipe's finished... not much of a room note other than general "pipe scent." But, it smoked cool and had some flavor to it. I found a lot of unsmoked tobacco left afterwards tho. I assume I need to work on my technique... maybe I packed it too tightly?

    Also, noticed (as I did yesterday) much more of a nic punch than other pipe tobacco's I've tried.

    "After Hours" is up for tomorrow... the can scent is really interesting.

    Slightly OT, but if you haven't lit up a Glade "Hawaiian Breezes" candle, you really should (not used while smoking, btw). Very warm and ambery scent. Supposedly, mango, pineapple, and others, but not sweet.

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