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  1. I see these threads for the other major cities so we'll give it a go for we Zonies. Here are some I know about along w/ store locater links as I'm in the east Valley.

    Bath & Body Works
    CO Bigelow and assorted colognes

    San Tan Village
    2212 E Williams Field Rd.

    The Body Shop
    For Men products. Creams, AS's, colognes, synthetic brush

    San Tan Village
    2200 E Williamsfield Rd., Suite 640
    *right down the street from B&BW

    Crabtree & Evelyn
    Creams, soaps, brushes, lotions, balms, scents

    Chandler Fashion Center
    3111 W Chandler Blvd
    Suite #2316

    **I've never been but supposedly T&H and other brands of creams/soaps

    Chandler Fashion Center
    3199 W Chandler Boulevard

    Whole Foods Market
    **Never been but see this thread.

    2955 W Ray Road

    Sallys Beauty Supply
    Clubman creams, Masters AS, Witch Hazel, lotions, balms

    1505 E Warner Rd. #102

    Wal Greens
    Has the best selection of drugstore AS's in the area IMO, VDH soap and brush

    Every dern street corner

    That's all I can think of. Anybody else?
  2. Sprouts has KMF and Tom's of Maine. They also have Alba and another brand I can't remember. At the Biltmore on Camelback there is Saks Fifth Avenue which sells AOS shaving products. Also at the Biltmore you have a L'Occitane En Provence shop plus the Macy's there sells Clinique for men and another line or two in the men's department.
    CVS has some stuff also, VDH and Williams. But so does Wallyworld, which also has Shave Secret.
    There's a Bath and Body Works at Metrocenter and Desert Sky malls, plus Arrowhead mall has in addition a Body Shop. Over at Westgate Village where the football stadium is at there is also a Body Shop. Also at Westgate there is NONI product shop which has some noni based shaving supplies.
    AJ's Fine Foods carries C&E products, they have the Nomad and Sandalwood creams and Eau de Toilets. And deoderants I think. This is all I know of.
    I haven't tried Ulta yet, but will probably do so in the future just to see if they have anything for us guys. Also I might try Sephora at Arrowhead to see if they have anything for men.
  3. L'Occitane En Provence

    Chandler: Chandler Fashion Center
    Phoenix: Biltmore Fashion Park
    Scottsdale: Scottsdale Fashion Square

    As for Norstroms in the Chandler Fashion Center, they do not carry T&H. The last time I was there, they had Anthony Logistics, Keihls, amoung others.
  4. Ah. Very good. Thank you. I missed that thread. I thought there were some stores in the Mills mall but I never get over there. It is right near where I work though so I wouldn't mind picking up some Tabac AS sometime.

    I was really bored yesterday anyway and creating that list killed some time so there you go.

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