Phoenix, AZ Feeler?

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  1. Hey guys...Yes, it's a creepy title and no, I'm not a creeper:lol:

    Just wanted to put a feeler out there for a Phoenix meet. Anyone interested?
  2. I'll be in phoenix for the holidays so that could work for me.
  3. I live in the Prescott area. I can make it down to the Valley. In fact I want to go down after the holiday to see about having a couple of razors restored.
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  4. I'm I. Williams near flagstaff right now but will be moving back to the phx area on Jan. 20th. Where in Phoenix do you have your blades restored?
  5. jtb


    I'm in phx... meetup could be cool.
  6. Looks like we've definitely got some interest...any ideas as to a locale? I guess it would have to be somewhere that would allow sharp-edged devices!
  7. If you wanted to meet in Mesa there is a Famous Dave's BBQ next to the Bass Pro Shop at Dobson and 202. Across the parking lot is Gentleman Joe's Barbershop. They have a special deal:

    Shampoo, Haircut, Straight Razor Shave, Massage and Shoe Shine for $40. They also have a shop in Ahwatuke.

    BBQ pork and a real old-time barbershop visit. Anybody up for that?
  8. Man, wish I was a little closer! Btw the wife and I went through that Bass Pro this summer when we were down that way on vacation and it is nice. I'll keep an eye on this in case I end up down there. Sounds like fun!

  9. Beau...that's not a bad idea...let's see what the rest of the crew has to say.
  10. azmark

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    Well I should venture out more often into other threads. Did this ever go down?
  11. I'm with you Mark, I need to venture out to more threads.

    I would be down for a meet. I live in Chandler.

    For anyone wanting to visit a real old time barbershop, you should visit country Clippers in old town Chandler. They are the oldest barbershop in the state still in operation since 1912. They do straight shaves with real razors not shavettes. Also when you get a haircut, they edge the back of your neck with a straight. No, I'm not affiliated with them, just a satistied customer.
  12. Still pending Mark...didn't go down yet:thumbup1:
  13. I live in Phx and would be interested. What sort of a meetup? I'd prefer note bbq (don't eat meat), but I do vote for an evening at a bar with some decent scotch.
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  14. This. Though that was posted back in Jan. so who knows if anyone's still out there. :huh:
  15. This thread is a little old, but others keep reviving it, so I figured I might as well too. Chandler here, would be game for a bar/pub meeting of some kind. More of a beer snob than a scotch guy personally though. Hope that's ok for you truly gentlemanly folk ;).

    The idea of a group trip to a classic barber shop is interesting too; I stopped doing the barber thing 3 years ago what I shaved off all my hair, but a straight shave by someone who knows their craft is appealing.
  16. Hey beer is totally gentlemanly! Either way I am in Tucson if anyone is still talking about this (yay for another revival?).
  17. Chandler area here...
  18. Zor


    Was there ever a Phoenix get together. I'd be interested in attending. I know this thread's been in remission for nearly 8 months, but I figured I'd give it a shot.
  19. Like others, I missed this thread earlier. I live in Flagstaff, but Mom's in Tonto Hills and Sis is in Peoria. And in-laws bought a house in Avondale. So, I have suitable reasons to woo my wife down to the valley.

    My work travel schedule the next 5 or 6 weeks will prevent a meet, but I'm definitely up for round two if it happens. Of course, at the rate this one's proceeded I might make it to round 1! :001_cool:
  20. Zor


    My weekends are a disaster until may because of work, so you may make round one...
    ...if there is a round one.

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