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  1. Wow.

    Seriously, great blade, great shave. It made my line up on shave 1. Could be in a 3 way tie for first place. Astra SP, Feather and Persona Med Prep. Could have really knocked off after the second pass and been very satisfied.

    My experience so far with blades

    Wilkinson sword.................... Decent respectable shave
    Astra SP............................. Wow Great blade... sharp and smooth
    Feather ............................. Wow Great Blade... sharp
    Persona Lab........................ I'll revisit that... I think I got a bad blade on one of the edges.
    Shark SS ........................... I'll have to revisit that
    Merkur .............................. I'll not be revisiting that
    Persona Med Prep................ Wow Great blade... Sharp and smooth.
    Kroger Store Brand .............. Went in the trash
    CVS store brand ................. Went in the trash
    Magic from $ store .............. Went in the trash

    Astra SP's, Feathers and Persona Med Prep...................................WOW:badger::badger::badger::badger::badger: That's 5 bouncing badgers
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  3. But general shave discussions encompass all discussion
  4. All of those store brand blades tend to be American made Personna's that's probably why they equally sucked. Surprisingly, as with all things wet shaving, they're not to bad for me.
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  5. I am going to have to try these the next time I pick up a DE.
  6. You'll find that, in spite of some claims to the contrary and a couple of photos that are unverified, the Personna Prep and so-called Lab blades are the same blade made to the same specs with the prep blade undergoing an additional rinse/cleaning process. This is according to the manufacturer, ASR, who I'll trust over internet experts. I'm sure someone will come along to tell me I'm wrong. :wink:

    But here's a post from awhile ago from the manufacturer to one of our mods, ackvil:
  7. Ahhh...I see. I'll post my blade posts here from now on. Still dig on the Med Prep's

  8. 12 hour's later and no stubble.
  9. After using and SI, a GBE and a Perma-SHarp I put in a Med. Very smooth shave, and no sting at all from alum or alcohol based AS. But I was surprised when I felt my face, both right afterwards and a few hours later. It was not a particularly close shave. Adjusted my technique for the next shave with it, but it still was not particularly close. Replaced it with a 7 O'C Black and got a very, very close shave. I'd say out of those 5 different varieties I've used over the few weeks, the Med gave me the least close shave - although very pleasant and without any after burn.
  10. I think everyone's skin and beard must be different enough that the variety of blade's available on line is a necessity. I read various blade posts and one commonality of all those posts is if there is one person who likes a blade there is someone else that doesn't care for it or like it. It's pretty amazing.

  11. Very similar to my experience with the Med/Lab. It just doesn't shave me as close as some of the other blades.
  12. I know one thing I can't wait to try these blades and find out for myself just how good or bad they are:drool:
  13. Not quite as close, but smooth as butter!
  14. Putting aside the manufacture of store brands, American-made Personna blades tend to be good blades. Both the Labs and the Meds are American made.
  15. I've returned to DE shaving relatively recently (after two decades or so) with a Mergress (which I love) and a sample pack from Lees. I liked the red personnas, and at first thought I was going to love the blue med preps--they feel so smooth--but I find that I have to make pass after pass with them to get a good shave, which to some extent defeats the purpose. I'm surprised that they seem so different from the reds. I'm going to try the Mergress at a higher setting. Is that the kind of step that would help, or is it just that faces and beards differ more than one would expect?
  16. The Meds tend to be more effective in aggressive razors, so I'd jack up your adjustment and try again.
  17. Thanks for the advice, man00ver!
  18. My first shave with the Med Prep was out of this world. I woke up the next morning and debated whether or not to shave. I really had to think about it. I went ahead and shaved on day 2. I think about half my beard hadn't grown long enough to shave and I was fighting the clock. Nice respectable shave but had stubble around 7pm. Same on day 3.

    Great close shaves but not like day 1. WOW day 1 was awesome.
  19. I use a Med in my Futur dialed to 4 and get a consistently good shave. They also perform well in a 38C.
  20. Following the above advice to go for a more aggressive setting, I've achieved much better results this morning. Thanks guys!

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