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  1. For 3 months now I have been experiencing a small patch of dry skin near my lower lip that is alwas dry. Not cracked dry but white, looks bad, dry. I've been using this stuff called "Aqua Care" for 2 months, but it hasn't done anything significant. Does anybody know of anything that may work better, or is this something I'll just have to deal with?

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    I have dry skin and it usually doesnt matter what type of moisturizer I use as long as I have a good face wash.....use a bad face wash and my facial skin is hella striped. I have never heard of aqua it a wash or moisturizer.
  3. Have you tried getting some Vitamin E cream? If you put that on this patch, particularly at night, I bet it'll heal right up.
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    I've had good success healing dry spots with jojoba oil and/or rosehip seed oil.
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    Are you sure it is dry skin? Perhaps a visit to the dermatologist is in order?
  6. I hope it's just dry skin. This is what I have been using.
  7. You can moisturize your skin internally, too. Try high lignan flaxseed oil, and rooibos tea. Both are very good for the skin. What kind of aftershave do you use? I think the Proraso Pre cream is very moisturizing and could help, applying too much gets downright oily! My dry skin problems have pretty much halted since switching to a soap with glycerin. Never had a problem with my face being dry though, just my shoulders and back.
  8. Thanks, I may have to go down to the local shop and pick it up.
  9. I haven't taken flaxseed oil lately, but when I did, the water from the shower would bead off me like a freshly waxed car.
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    So are you suggesting we use flaxseed oil on our cars to get that fresh waxed look? :lol:
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    I apologize if I've missed where this was said, but where do you find high lignan flaxseed oil? This stuff sounds very interesting.
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    I can attest to the efficacy of the flaxseed oil. When My Buddy the Cat has the least bit of dry skin flaking, we cut open a capsule of flaxseed oil and apply it to his kibble. He likes it (oddly enough) and after two or three days of this and his usual daily brushings, the dry, flakey skin disappears.
    Have you tried daily brushing?:idea:
  13. Hey Kyle, I like Barleans "Highest Lignan" flaxseed oil. It's kind of expensive, about 30 bucks for a 32oz bottle, but the stuff is potent! I'm not quite sure exactly what a 'lignan' is, but it is important to have lots of it. The other flaxseed oils I have tried, I guess had lower lignan contents, because the oil was pretty transparent, and didn't work as well. Barleans comes out muddy and brown, and once you get used to it, it actually tastes pretty good! I'd recommend a tbsp of the oil over the capsules. The capsule dosages are usually 1 gram, a tablespoon of the straight oil is about 15 grams. Of course, an even better option is just eating flax seeds.

    You can get the stuff at any healthfood store and Whole Foods.


    I alternate between that and salmon oil capsules from Walmart for all my omega 3 needs. (My cat LOVES to drink out of the toilet the day after I take salmon oil.)

    Flax isn't only good for dry skin, but digestive problems as well (the reason I started taking it in the first place). Also, bodybuilders love taking it; a can of tuna and a tbsp of flaxseed oil is a popular pre/post workout snack. It is a hard, waxy fat, that I think forces its way into your fat cells, pushing out the blubbery bad fat, making your body look harder and more cut.
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  15. Kyle

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    Thanks guys. I think I'll give this stuff a try.
  16. I have dry skin too ; do u think it's ok to use Dove soap on my face?
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    That is all a matter of perspective. Six months ago, before I had tried any all natural and/or French soaps, I would have said, "Dove is great." Now, I wouldn't touch dove soap with a 10-foot pole.

    Experiment around with some of the high quality (which doesn't mean high price) soaps that are becoming more readily available. I think you will be surprised to find your dry skin problems diminish drastically.
  18. How would u compare Dove soap to Baxter face wash?
  19. Kyle

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    I've not yet had the pleasure of trying the Baxter's face wash, but I know that several gents here have. Hopefully they will chime in.

    My favorite face soap to date is just a good olive oil soap.

    Also, I have recently begun hearing some interesting feedback on the Men-U products.
  20. Tks a lot

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