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  1. Hello gents, I wanted to see how many others out there deal with this issue, red bumps on the neck! I have been wet shaving for many years and no matter how great my prep, how good the lather, how sharp the razor, how great the technique, I always have small red spots " bumps " on my neck. My hair also grows in all directions there too which makes it difficult to get that perfectly comfortable shave on the neck. I always seem to have tiny weepers at least somewhere on the neck after every shave. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what are your tips or tricks to help with this issue? I am always on the lookout for new ways to get the perfect shave! Thanks, Jeremy-
  2. I had that problem for 18 years when I was shaving with multi-blade cartridges. when I swapped to a DE they went away within a couple of days.

    what razor & blade are you using?
  3. I use numerous razors. Straights, gillette de's, etc. Blades vary from Feather to Merkur. I have not shaved with cartridges for many years.
  4. Unfortunately, that might be the culprit. I have a similar area on my neck; what works best for me is a GEM SE (1912 or OC Micromatic) with a sharp blade (1 or 2 shaves on it) and a very light touch.

    Hate advocating new purchases but if you haven't tried an SE yet, maybe it's time.
  5. Hey there,

    I had that problem for a while with cartridge razors then i moved to straight and that helped but I still had them. I read a thread about cold water and I was like "Say what?" Since i was young i always used and known that you use hot water. Well hot water was not working because of those red bumps and weepers were still there. So i said what the hey, i will try out for a week so i can really compare to hot/warm water. Well weepers and red bumps were practically extinct on my neck. I was amazed at the comfort I got out of the shave. I usually use a balm after and my skin is weeperless and no red bumps.

    I still do everything the same when i shave just use cold water, except for the shower. Would not want to imagine taking a cold water shower during winter. Summer no problem, winter, my kibbles and bits would shrivel up.

    Any who,

    I still prep with either oil or proraso cream with cold water. Get my lather going with cold water and get my face wet with cold water and rinse with cold water.

    If you have not try this, do it for a week and see how it feels and let us know.

    Good luck :thumbup:
  6. ok, so there's a few variables going on. do you notice any particular combination of razor and blade working better than others? do you have less bumps with a straight than you do DE? do the sharper blades like Feather irritate you more/less than the milder blades like Derby/Merkur?

    how often do you shave?
  7. The neck is probably the area that most people find problematic. The beard doesn't grow in a uniform direction there and the skin is more sensitive as well.

    I find that it's not necessary to get the neck area completely smooth; if I know that it's going to irritate my skin then I'll settle for it looking smooth even if it doesn't feel it. Stretching my skin also helps to reduce the amount I need to shave.
  8. This has helped me recently. I've come to terms that BBS smoothness on my neck will require that I sport unsightly red spots to others.

    I've thus settled for some VERY light XTG around the problem area and then being done with it there. It may not FEEL smooth to me but at least it looks completely shaved :thumbup1:

    And and I oil my neck profusely and I also make sure to shave my neck FIRST after lathering, so I get it when the lather's at it's freshest.
  9. I usually let my beard grow out for a couple weeks. It let's the irritation heal up. I also use a soft bristle brush and scrub my neck with it in the shower which helps get rid of the ingrowns. When it comes time to shave again your neck should be baby smooth.
  10. Yep, the neck bumps problem is one reason I switched from carts as well. Right now I have to settle for DFS on the neck and can get it with 2 WTG passes and 1 slightly XTG pass. If I even think about going ATG my neck turns instantly red.
  11. +1 I am considering an open comb.
  12. There are many variables, but the end result is always the same. A great shave, irritation free besides some spots on the lower part of the neck. Don't get me wrong, my shaves are always comfortable, smooth and enjoyable. I wish I could get my neck comfortably as well.

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