Perma-Sharp Plastic 10-blade pack

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  1. I was curious, I was on and just from not knowing I ordered a bunch of plastic box Perma-Sharps. Having tried the 5-pack, I thought the 10-pack would be great, twice as many and in a cool plastic pack. I ordered a few of them from, and now I see that people are saying the cardboard box differs from the plastic box.

    I still have to finish the blade in the razor and then try out this one, but I'm curious what people here thought of the plastic boxes. I don't see any country of origin on the box or blade (have to look closer I just got them in from a long long wait). I hope they aren't really that poor performing, if they work half as good as Perma-Sharps they shouldn't be that horrible lol. I guess I'll see, they aren't the most expensive blades, but the plastic boxes weren't any cheaper really so it's just surprising to me that they would be that bad.
  2. They are nowhere near as good as the Cardboard box version.

    Plastic: Pre-Gillette buyout of the brand. Made in Turkey, mooted to be in the Derby factory. Quality is not as good as it could be.

    Cardboard: PPI St. Petersburg manufacture - same equipment as Super Iridiums, 7 O'Clock Yellows & Blues, Astra SS/SP. A high quality blade, and available cheaply in bulk.
  3. Like Derby??? FML!
  4. Derby's are a good, solid blade. I had issues in my DE86 but was surprised how good the shaves were when I used one in my Slim.

    Don't write them off completely, but I doubt you would prefer the plastic box versions over the cardboards.
  5. I'm sort of a bit annoyed as the website priced them about the same, and they did not differentiate between the countries of origin, they usually do that when there's 2 of the same brand (like Russian rapiras vs swedish)
  6. The Rapiras are all made in the same factory, same equipment. They are differently spec'd blades, the Swedish ones use a different steel and a different grind, so they are packaged differently. Normal (Pink/Blue) Rapiras don't give me a good shave at all, and tug while shaving. The Swedish ones are sharper and do a very reasonable job.

    The Permasharps are completely different. Different factories with different equipment, different steel, different grind (although similar). The difference is that the Plastic box version are old stock from the old factory before the Gillette buyout of the brand.
  7. The blade issue aside, your info says you joined in April 2012, i.e., last month, and you already have 1100 posts. How on earth can that be?
  8. He likes to talk. :lol:
  9. Obsession, too much time on my hands, and 25 posts/day :)

    There are a lot of forums other than just shaving here should look around :)

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