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  1. This is probably contradictory, but does anyone use an alum block (crystal stone/spray/etc.) AND an antiperspirant? I know antiperspirants are not loved around here, and I really don't like using them either, but I need to control the sweat.

    So, the alum would help clean and kill bacteria for the odor and the antiperspirant would help regulate sweating. Is this a dumb idea? Anyone use both?
  2. Your kind of defeating the purpose of using the alum block since that is used for odor control and most every antiperspirant that I know of is a combo with deodorant also.
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    The alum block used for shaving is potassium alum, the alum block for deodorant is aluminum alum.

    I remember reading somewhere thay the aluminum was not good for your face, but this is all hearsay, and I really do not know.
  4. I just use a block of alum crystal deodorant, and for me it takes care of both odor and wetness.
  5. I use an Osma alum block for my pits, so it is Potassium Alum. I just lightly wet it and rub away. You can use a dash of talc for the wetness, or at least I have seen several people post that they do this. I am not a profuse sweater, so I forgo the talc on the pits. There are several threads dealing with deodorant and/or anti perspirant on here. Just go back a few pages and I am sure you will find a couple.
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    I use both sometimes. It's hot and humid ALL the time here though, I really need the antiperspriant
  7. Yeah, the reason I stopped using antiperspirant was the chemicals, mainly the ingredient that stops sweating is the to be concerned about. My solution? Just use an alum block and wear an undershirt on the more humid hot days. Wish their was a way to stop sweating without chemicals :crying:.
  8. Alum helps, either or type for me

    You can do a little powder or baking soda can help sweat
  9. I know, I don't like the idea of the chems either. But I thought the various aluminum chemicals in commercial antiperspirants and both potassium/aluminum alum in "natural crystal blocks" prevent sweating essentially the same way -- by preventing sweat from reaching the surface by plugging sweat gland ducts. They just achieve that effect in slightly different ways. I know common wisdom around here is that the alum salts (crystal blocks) simply reduce the size of pores via their astringent effects, but the astringent action is actually believed to be secondary to the plugging action when it comes to the antiperspirant efficacy of aluminum salts.

    But hey, this is all just Wiki-knowledge on my part. I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to biochemistry beyond the paramters of this discussion.
  10. alum block works very well AS an anti-perspirant for me. i have no need for any other underarm product anymore since i started using a standard made-for-shaving alum block. in fact, i even have REALLY awful sweaty hands and i rub my wet alum block all over them before i go out anywhere that i expect to see people, and it helps a little.
  11. Well, based with my limited knowledge and months of experience, I noticed no smell whatsoever with use of alum block in the morning. Lasts all day. The only problem is if it gets hot (a problem in Texas) and humid (a problem in Texas sometimes), I'll sweat. Enough to soak a circle on a shirt. The same amount when using no deoderant. So, it "may" close the pores at first, but I still get that sweat if the conditions are right. I believe the mineral salts in the alum soak the smell from the sweat, but cannot soak up all the sweat. If anyone has got a better description (or at least one with more credibility :whistling:), feel free to ridicule me and show me up :biggrin:!

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