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  1. I'm fairly new to DE shaving and, like a lot of other newbies, it seems, I'm very much enjoying my acquisition phase. Been shaving with my grandpas Gilette Aristocrat, but plan to upgrade to a DE-89 soon. Also moving up from my VdH pure badger to a Semogue 1305 and a whipped dog silver tip.

    Anywho, as I've been reading up about creams, soaps and everything in between and have been on the hunt for something stainless steel that could function as a somewhat standardized snurdle. And I found it! To be more precise, I found an espresso "paddle," but hey... semantics.

    Let me know what you think!
  2. Nice, those should work fine.

    Do you think a DE-89 is an upgrade to Granpa's Aristocrat? I'm all for buying razors, but I think an augmentation to Granpa's Aristocrat might be what you really mean.
  3. I'm honestly not sure. I've read people rave about them so I just figured it would be a good investment. Would appreciate guidance!

    Was also thinking about a slant... Have a very thick beard.
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    Think about an open comb, since you have a thick beard. And the expresso spoon...maybe even too large or overkill. They make little plastic cosmetic pallets, or use a collar stay. But you'll enjoy your 'discovery' phase! Have fun!
  5. Thanks! What would an open comb do? Is a slant a bad idea?
  6. I like the paddles you found. I currently use an old plastic ice cream sampler spoon.
  7. No, the slant is a great idea.

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