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  1. Well must say a little (well a lot) disappointed with my Penhaligons soap in a bowl as after only 7 weeks the lid has warped so much so it will not even stay on the bowl, Has any one else had this problem?
  2. no problems on mine and its around 16 weeks old, mind you I don't use it everyday, When I do use it, I don't even dry off the bowl very often.
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    What about quality of the soap?
  4. The soap is great very easy to build a great lather. I have the Blenheim Bouquet and its very nice if maybe a little over priced but it was a gift. The only big issue is the bowl, I have just spoken with the company and they have said to send it back for them to look at. Which I think is a little poor as I will be with out soap
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    Thank you for replying to my post.

    I see the bowl is wooden? It should not be that it looses it's shape so fast, probably it was faulty or something (breakage of lacquer or not properly soaked into impregnating oil).

    You need not to stay without the soap - send them just the bowl for inspection and put the soap in some plastic container and use it until replacement bowl arrives.

    I am also sucker for bowls but reality is that most of the time plastic containers work maybe even better. True, not so nice on eyes but functional.
  6. They have asked for the bowl and soap to be returned just incase its something with the soap thats making the bowl loose its shape (which I think is a worry as that goes on my face)
  7. I have no problems with my wooden Penhaligon's bowl. The soap is an English Fern which I bought i in London six weeks ago.
  8. I have the older tallow first version of the bowl and my lid has warped as well. What is sad is that the soap has not been used more than 10 times and I leave the top off to dry when finished.
  9. After speaking with the I'm less than impressed they did not seem that bothered which is a little crap
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    Eh, ever tried reaching Acqua di Parma? Or Castle Forbes?

    Penhaligon's are super responsive compared to some others. Not much comfort, I know... These guys are used to deal with royalty and dealing with common people is not their idea of fun. You know... :laugh:

    It is strange they asked for both bowl and soap to be shipped... As if they will really get it to some space lab for analysis and not dump it and send you a new one as replacement...
  11. Well we will wait and see what happens as looking at the wooden bowl the lacker is not very good at all and if the next one is warped as well then they can have that one back as well and keep it...
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    Perhaps a more pragmatic approach would be, if you like the soap, to ask them to send two soap refills instead of soap and bowl.
  13. But if you buy something thats for use in bathroom and its not fit for the purpose under which it was sold then you have the right of complaint, As you would not accept a razor that did not shave, So even if the soap inside the dish is good why except a inferior bowl after all this is a product which is supposed to be high end and I don not think its to much to ask for the complete item to be of the stander to which you are paying for?
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    Of course you have the right of complaint and I don't think anyone will deny you this right, my point was just that bowl per se is not of significant relevance, at least I have learned from my experience that it is just not important.

    I have L'Occitane bowl that makes, otherwise beautifully smelling soap, stink at the metal it's made from and Muehle wooden bowl which, while not warping like yours, is still pretty much useless. So, as far as I am concerned, no more flashy bowls, no matter how high end soap may be.

    For a real high end experience, if using just one soap, I would have a custom made ceramic bowl by Georgetown Pottery or someone else and not some cheaply made wooden bowl made in China (there is nothing high-end in that). And, for even more real high end, get a matching scuttle. Yummy!

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