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  1. I just finished my first shave with my Parker shavette, which I admittedly bought on a whim because I liked the way it looked. I also freely admit I am a straight razor wannabe. My first shave and no nicks or cuts, but lots of razor burn. Careful attention must be paid to angle because there is no blade guard to guide you. I have read that the shaving experience is very different from a straight, but in what way? Is there anyone who uses these regularly?
  2. I bought one off the BST a few weeks ago but I haven't tried it yet, but I might have to pull it out tonight for a try!
  3. I used to shave quite frequently with a Paker Shavette. Of the Shavette style razors that use a 1/2 DE blade, the Parker is one of the best.

    While I had learned to get good shaves out of it, I found that I had to pay a lot of attention using it, as even a small distraction would lead to a really nice cut.

    Basically your technique needs to be spot on, or you get heavily punished for it.

    An actual straight is more forgiving: not so quick to punish you for imperfect technique.

    However, if you really want to go the disposable blade straight route, nothing can top the Feather Artist Club/ Kai Captain line of razors.

  4. +1 on the Captain or Feather artist club.

    Regular straights and I didnt get on to well so I'm the proud owner of both the Feather DX and RG, had I know I would have fallen in love with this razor i'd had bought the DX straight away.
  5. love my parker SRB 2 pass shave no nicks no cuts fresh wilki and Proraso last night and the wife likes it too:thumbup::thumbup:

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