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  1. 'Evening Gentlemen!

    Can any of you give me the "low-down" on Parker Safety Razors? There seem to be quite a few on e-bay.

  2. i have the 90r, it is the heaviest parker. it has a long handle, about 4". it isn't bad if you can get it for the cheapest price. the seller also sells derby razor blades cheap also, you can buy them together and shave on shipping. i like it, some people don't but they haven't tried them. it is good for the price. a merkur HD feels like a stronger, more durable razor but it is a bit more expensive and has a different head. the 90r is similar to a superspeed. it is a nice, gentle, smooth shave.
  3. I have just bought one, and it is a nice razor. As you say very much like a Superspeed. Normally I use a Merkur HD which is absolutely fantastic, but sometimes in the evenings I need a light shave as a touch up, and this is ideal!

    It is also getting extra use at the moment, as I am expanding my collection to include soaps. As you all know.......lathering is a little different from lathering up creams. The Parker is gentle and more forgiving while I get the technique right!

  4. Is that the Parker 90 R you are talking about that you tested? I wanted to buy that as my first razor but I went for the Gillette adjustable instead the vintage
  5. Anyone know where the Parkers are made? I've been looking at them too and there not bad and I've actually been wanting a new Superspeed, but might just go for a Parker instead. Something brand new and shiney vs. old and vintage.

  6. I believe they are made in india.

    i suggest the 90R. it has a long handle, similar to a lady gillette or merkur LH and the head similar to a superspeed. a very gentle razor. wait for a good price, you shouldn't have to bid more than $15. a couple of them end everyday.

    maybe grab some derby blades while you are at it to shave on shipping, they are a pretty good deal.
  7. Yes....the 90R. It is not bad , and I intend to use it as my travel razor. Merkurs are quite expensive over here in the UK!!

  8. I have just bought this one.

    Will let you know what is like when it arrives!

  9. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Brian, beautiful razor. :thumbup1:
  10. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Cool razor. Be sure to write a review on it.
  11. I have recently purchased an SH60R from Shave Shack and regret to advise that this is not a good razor. I experience a different shave depending on the side of the razor used. You pays your money .........
  12. Brian, that is a sweet looking razor!
  13. Interesting about it being mild like a SS. I saw a thread not too long ago about Parkers, someone said his was super aggressive. But they have a ton of different models available and no reference site to detail the differences between them all.
  14. guenron

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    Since this thread has been revived after a year's rest I thought I would contribute my ongoing experience and observations to the discussion.

    I received a new Parker 90R a few weeks ago and put it into use only this week. I was busy using my new Edw. Jagger for B&B Limited Edition Light Horn Georgian Handle Razor for several weeks. I wanted to see if the bulbous handle was an impediment to a joyful shave experience and did not want to interrupt that evaluation.

    As for the 90R, despite someones observation that the 90R is a "HEAVY" razor I must say that it is not only LIGHT headed, but far too LIGHT. The head does not appear to have enough mass to reduce hopping and skipping when snagging some tough whiskers on an against the grain pass unless you use excessive pressure. This could be perceived as a balance issue, but it is an issue worth considering just the same.

    Cosmetically and design-wise, I am not especially fond of the center bar protruding above the doors on the head. I can see how this reduces the height of the doors, but I just do not care for this. One must take notice that it is very well chromed and attractive. Unfortunately this finish does make it a bit more slippery than I prefer.

    Is it worth $15 to $20? I guess if price is more important than performance, this might be a reasonable purchase. I think I would save a few more shekels and buy the less glittery but better performing Merkur Long Handle Classic if I was seriously considering this razor. I think it is a particularly unwise choice for the new DE wet shaver because of the light head issue. As always, YMMV.:thumbdown
  15. Hi dusty, all --

    I'm the guy that wrote of the agressive parker.

    When I returned to the DE last year, I thought I'd buy new, and the parker was the only TTO alternative to the $100+ Vision I was aware of. The eBayers offering the parkers really don't have detailed knowledge of the large number of different models that parker offers. I bought a model 74. Product fit, finish, quality is fine; but man, does that model have a lot of blade exposure. I used it a week, promptly bought some eBay Gillettes and retired the parker. Haven't looked back, either.

    The 74 is so agressive, it makes a Gillette adjustable cranked up to setting 9 look tame. This is unique to that model as far as I can tell. Most of the parker models have good acceptance by others who have them. My understanding is that the 74 is no longer available.

    -- John Gehman
  16. John,
    Is this where you retired your Parker?

  17. No Mike, I still have it --tucked away in the cabinet under my sink. I'll never pass it on, it would be a rude shock to the unsuspecting. Maybe in another year I'll give it a go, but life is good with the vintage Gillettes.

    -- John Gehman
  18. I have a 90r myself.

    It has a few issues to get by:

    *the doors are not perfectly flat...where the bends are at the ends, they are curved in a way that bends the blade slightly.

    *This razor has problems with the red-pack personna blades (and any other slightly oversize blade)

    * gets mighty hard to hold once you get wet or soap slick hands.

    The shave itself is pretty good. I would still rate a 1973 SS (the SS I own) higher than it though.

    I say if you have an SS, don't bother unless you really want the look.
  19. Anyone tried the Parker 91r? I am looking for one of these at a good price.

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