Parker 94R & 97R ?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by StuMcB, May 23, 2011.

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    Anyone know anything about these razors? I know they'er 3 piece and about 3" in length. Anything else? shave quality etc.

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  2. I had a 97R. It had a pretty good fit and finish. They are VERY aggressive. The blade literally hangs over the safety bar. I liked the fact that they are solid brass. The chrome finish was nice also.
  3. The 97r is a good, aggresive, razor, and built well.
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    You say aggressive but I find that's all kinda relative for me. If you could compare it with another razor say the futur, what would you set it at?+

    PS thanks so far.
  5. I own both the Parker 94 & 97. They are great razors, both very aggressive yet not so aggressive that it irritates my face. These razors are made from brass not the cheap pot metal as most DE razors. The razor on the left is the 94, on the right is the 97. When I first saw the blade gap in these razors I was almost afraid to use it. But it's not a bad as it looks. You can almost see the blade gap in my second picture. They have a nice finish also.

    $Parker _94 & 97.jpg $Parker-94R.jpg
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  6. The handle is indeed chrome over brass, but the head is still chrome over zinc alloy (as is the case with EJ, Merkur, or most any mid-priced new-production razor).

    You may also want to check out Cadet/Pearl which look to be made by the same OEM with the same head but some other different handle styles. Bullgoose has a few models on sale for $15 + SH, while they are $20 + SH from most other sources (Maggard, Shaveabuck, etc). I'm really liking my Pearl SBF-15 TTO, SHD-26 Open-Comb, and SHD-21S Safety-Bar. I've REALLY liked using the top-plate from my Lord L6 on both the OC and Safety-Bar... it dials down the aggressiveness the tiniest bit but completely eliminates the play in blade exposure that otherwise requires just a bit of attention to get just right.
  7. Merkur, E.J. and most others use pot metal for their razor heads. Parker uses zinc alloy which is better. The Parker 94 & 97 is also more aggressive.
  8. They're all using ZAMAK in some form or fashion... "pot metal" is a catch-all term for any die-cast zinc, while ZAMAK followed by a number (2-7, excluding 6, 4 only being used in China) is a trade name that indicates a specific alloy formulation with a corresponding ASTM/DIN/UNS standard formulation. The difference from one ZAMAK formula to the next is the Al, Cu, and Ni content.
  9. Interesting..... I never heard of ZAMAK before.
  10. It's just a trade name of a specific range of Zinc Alloy formulations used for low-temperature castings, while "pot metal" is a catch-all term with no rigid definition.

    Pot Metal


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