Ouch. The personna blue giving me razor burn.

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by rxonmymind, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Not just once either. Third time. I've only had good experiences with these in the past so I'm really surprised by this outcome.
    Tried my true go to soaps and am scratching me chin(ouch) over this. They feel as though their scraping rather than slicing. My other blades, Pols, Singapore thins, G7blue don't exhibit the scraping characteristics. Gents, what do you think? A bad run?

  2. Is it one particular blade or several of them? I had one Personna blue blade give me fits for 3 shaves straights. I finally tossed it and the next blade in the pack was excellent. I think I just got a dud that one time.
  3. Also seems like your other blades are quite a step up from the Personnas? They aren't the medical ones right? I thought the others weren't nearly as sharp as ones like Pols etc.
  4. The Personna Med Prep is the smoothest and least irritating blade I have ever tried. Only been at this 1.5 years - but still I've tried a good number of blades. YMMV of course. What razor are you using? If it's an adjustable try turning it down a few notches. Also watch your angle - I love this blade in my Future on 2.5 with a very shallow angle - so I start with the cap against my face and then tilt the handle towards me only until the blade starts to cut. Seems to work well with this razor and blade.

    How many passes are you doing? A sharp blade won't need as many passes and if you do too many you might get razor burn. Try again with a different blade, a shallow angle, good prep, and an extremely light touch for just a 2 pass WTG and XTG shave. If it's still giving you burn I would be shocked.
  5. Although it's always YMMV I think, I would think that something is wrong, the blade or some technique, but it's hard to tell.

    My roommate loves the Crystals and they tug and barely can cut my neck and give me awful razor burn, I really dislike them so far, although I haven't tried it in anything but my Merkur.

    Wonder if you just got confused and bought some cheap blue Personnas thinking they were med prep or something?
  6. What razor are you putting them in?
  7. First, thanks for your input. I have an Ej89. Well, it been three different blades and within those three trials I've trown in pols & Singapore thins. So on Sun, Tue, and Thurs I used the Personna and alternating the pols & Singapore thins in between. Same PSGT soap. I'm flummoxed. I'll give it one more try then das boot. Four times is more than enough chances. I'll watch me watch me on the next shave:blink:
  8. Maybe try a new box first? If you had to toss that batch it would only be 2 more blades right? I think I'd give up the small amount to try a new box...
  9. rxonmymind, are these "Labs" or med preps? If you want to trade a few of yours for a few of mine (I only have the Labs), I'd be happy to. Then you can see if it's a bad batch, or if they just quit working for you. I have 4 boxes and if they're different batches, I can pick from each one.

    The Labs work great for me (that one dud not withstanding) and if something is wrong with yours, I think I'll be able to tell.
  10. Are the Labs the same as the ones from Sally's Beauty Supply that sometimes people call "Barbers" or something?

    I can't seem to discern the difference well, especially since if I saw the distributor mag correctly they come in all sorts of containers, if they're not Labs, I don't know how to tell the difference!
  11. Oh oops thought you were the OP for a second lol, I'm also curious what these are. Even the Crystals get confusing sometimes, but at least those are pretty easy to separate from the USA ones. After that the USA ones boggle my mind.
  12. Man, Savage, I appreciate the offer but I'm good. I have plenty of blades as a fall back that give me BBS without this sort of grind. Anhow, it's these
  13. Wow, the Personna blues have been smooth as silk in every razor I've tried them in, even an R41. They've even overtaken Astra SPs as my try-out-the-new-razor blade of choice.
  14. it's funny you bring these up. I was talking to Greekguy about these. I get mine via Connought Shaving that say "hospital use only" and a few hours ago I went into a "hair shop" where they were selling the ones you mentioned for a .25 each so I got 10 to give a go. I am very familiar with the Labs and they're one of my go-to's. I'll give this one a whirl to see if there's a real difference.
  15. nEver-Ready

    nEver-Ready Contributor

    I'm using one right now in a Gillette Old Type Bulldog. I'm on shave three and it has been fine. I've used them before in a few other razors. I like them better than the Reds, but not as much as the med preps. They are smooth for me, but not the sharpest. . .
  16. I'm SO confused!!!!! Labs, Barbers and Meds, and everyone just says "Blue Personnas" :wacko:
  17. Ditto.

    I bought the same ones that rxonmymind posted (although I got mine on ebay for $13 shipped), and I don't think they're bad, but I also have NO idea what it is I purchased.

    I keep calling them Lab Blues to myself, but is that even correct?
  18. If no one seemed to make the name "Sally's Blue Personnas" and "Barbers" then it would be easier, but now it seems like there's at least 3 types of USA Blue Personnas, the Labs, Meds and generic? I don't know...I'm totally lost...

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