Oregon Wins 2012 Rose Bowl

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  1. Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to my Oregon Ducks for winning their first Rose bowl since 1917. It has been a long time coming, but the speed of Oregon was just too much for Wisconsin causing a 4th quarter shut out and an amazing win for the University of Oregon Ducks. I have stuck by your side Mighty Oregon through the good times and the bad and have watched you grow into the most winning team in the Pac-12 and one of the most consistent and entertaining teams in the nation. GO DUCKS!!!!
  2. You mean the University of Nike. I didn't mind the helmets, but those numbers (at least the reflective coloring) and the pants were hideous. No football uniform ever looks good with the same colored pants and jersey. If they had gone with non-reflective numbers and grey pants to match the chrome helmets, it might have looked decent.

    That said, very close game. I could care less about the result, but it showed that the Big Ten is capable of playing with the best teams in the nation, even though it doesn't get the love by the BCS rankers.
  3. I'm boycotting all bowl games now.
  4. We know that Alabama or LSU will be theBCS champion. The question is, who is the National Champion. My vote is for Oklahoma State.
  5. jmg


    Go Ducks! Congratulations.
  6. Those duck uniforms were atrocious...but then again im pretty bitter because im a Badger fan.

  7. At least we still have the Pack, Eh.

  8. LSU or Alabama would beat OSU all day long. I could think of a couple more who would as well.

  9. Until there is a playoff all we have is opinion and not fact.
  10. Very true. Nobody welcomes a playoff system more than Tiger fans, me included. Bring it on. Of course, some people will complain that the playoff brackets are too heavily weighted with SEC teams, but that's another discussion. Also, opinions do become facts when a team lifts up the crystal trophy, which LSU has done twice in the last 8 years. Those are facts. Alabama has done it as well. Whether LSU or Alabam will do it again tomorrow night is opinion at this point. In my opinion, LSU will. But if Bama wins, they win. They will have deserved it. Nobody is really talking about OSU right now. No offense. Just the reality of things. BTW, I don't dislike OSU. I just don't think your comments are effectively dealing with the reality of the situation. It's just oh so many sour grapes. Peace.
  11. I don't feel it is sour grapes. I look at all of the other college sports in the country. They are decided by playoffs.

    I do agree that one of the teams playing tomorrow may be the the best team in the country. I just want to see it decided by playing the game(s) on the field and not have it decided by a computer.
  12. Think about this for a minute. The other sports (baseball, basketball, etc) are basicaslly non-contact, requiring less recovery time. Why do you think they play those sports several times a week? Football has many more complicated game plans that need to be prepared for and requires more physical recovery time. So, how long or involved should a playoff system for FB be? Should we add 6 weeks or so to the season to whittle everything down?

    Trust me, people down here have no problem with a playoff system that makes sense. As I said, bring it on. OSU. Oregon, USC, whoever. One thing I'll predict for you. The SEC will continue to dominate as they have for the last 10 years. That dominance has not been opinion. It's been fact. (since facts are what you're interested in. ) You started this discussion by posting that neither LSU nor Alabama were as good as OSU. If you really believe that then you are either overly passionate about OSU or you understand college football more than the majority of the country, including most professional sports analysts. No offense. I don't think I'm being unreasonable with any of my comments here. I'm sure the system needs improvement. But your disparaging post earlier was pretty incredible.LOL.
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  13. Me and the OSU fan kind of highjacked your thread. I know LSU beat you guys this year but congrats to the Oregon Ducks and their fans on the Rose Bowl victory. They are a fun team to watch ( even with the crazy uniforms .LOL) I'd love to see them play LSU again in the future. Okay, now I am done here. :001_smile

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