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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by oc_in_fw, May 8, 2012.

  1. I am getting ready to order some Squadron Leader, and figure I may give Skiff Mixture a try. Any opinions on it? The two SG tobaccos I have tried are SL (which I LOVE) and FVF (which I like a little less).
  2. Nothing wrong with Skiff at all. Not my favorite SG blend, but certainly a solid tobacco in its own right. If you like SL, give Perfection a try, or Navy Flake. Both have a healthy dose of latakia, and are in my opinion great tobaccos.
  3. Thanks- I will look them over.
  4. I have a tin of Skiff, but haven't popped it yet. Too many tobaccos to try and not enough time!
  5. I hope to one day be in that predicament.
  6. If i had to pic a favorite baccy, Skiff would be it. i don't remember why I liked it more than Squadran Leader. I definitely need to get another tin and see if I still like it as much as I remember.
  7. Your welcome! I love that site. Beeradvocate.com is a great site too :)
  8. I love the skiff and sl.

    A local tobacco store was closing down so everything was on sale. Couldnt help it I bought a tin of everything I could find lol.
  9. That's the spirit. I may actually be leaning toward the St James Flake. Can anyone tell me what perique does for a smoke?
  10. Perique adds a bit of spice. Not hot, but more of an added dimension. Sort of what salt and pepper does to steak.
  11. I find it also add a touch of a sort of pleasant sour note, like sweet & sour sauce, to the taste. And definitely some peppery tones too.
  12. Thanks Jack and Jack

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