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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Ascanio2169, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Just ordered some from the Italian barber, never used Razorock, what Should I be expecting
  2. Quality soap but not as cold as you might be expecting. But again, quality soap. It's RazoRock. Nice pick up!
  3. One of the most disappointing soaps I've ever used. Nice lather absolutely ZERO freeze.
  4. Brain Freeze was my first product from razorock and first mentholated soap. It is a great performer. Absolutely wonderful in the lather department. That being said, the scent/menthol sensation is off. I found it didn't have much of a scent at all and didn't have that much of the "freezing" characteristic that I desired. On the same note, most menthol soaps don't have much scent, but most deliver in the freezing department.

    Overall, I would say this is a good soap that will provide a great shave...just don't expect to be "frozen"
  5. Maybe I'll add a little co bigelow to add some freeze
  6. I agree with this, and I'm glad it was a little disappointing... I wouldn't have picked up a tub of Vostok otherwise.
  7. I love Razorock soft and hard soaps. Curious as to which one you got. I was very confused as to why Joe decided to make this as Proraso Green is such a staple that I don't know what was supposed to make this any different. I am not saying he shouldn't have made it, just felt like if that is the product to be sold, why would I get that over the Proraso? As said above, with a name like that, you would expect the menthol kick. I personally don't like the smell of it and have only found a handful to find it more pleasing than the Proraso soap.

    Expect good performance. Hope you got the hard soap though. It has a good window of water it can handle from my experience.
  8. +1

    It did have some nice cooling, but not as much as Proraso. The scent was very fresh eucalyptus. The lather is fantastic though as with all King of the Castle soaps.
  9. Brain Freeze is probably my favorite of the line so far. True it's not very cold, but the scent is just perfect and the performance is great.
  10. Is it 'colder' than proraso green?

    Or much less so--lots of meh about it....but nothing that really compares that part of it.
  11. Well I guess I'll have to wait and see
  12. I found it wasn't as cold as Proraso. It depends on how you use the soap as well. Proraso cool tends to build up if you leave use the preshave and aftershave (more menthol and longer time to active cold receptors). It's been a while since I used the Razorock, but if you left it on your face for a few minutes I bet you would get at least a decent cool sensation.
  13. I found it to have very little menthol. However, I don't really feel the menthol in Aqua Velva.

    I like the soap. Scent is nice and it performs well.
  14. I have some Brain Freeze on the way, never tried it and was actually concerned it would be too overpowering. I don't like the smell or freeze of Ben Gay or similar gel muscle relaxers, was worried Brain Freeze might be like that. So happy to hear it's far from being too biting, or overpowering. Never tried Proraso green, yet, so nothing else to compare it to.
    I have some RazoRock KOTC artisan Lavender that I love, it's a lathering monster and the smell is so delicious it makes me want to take a bite out of it! If Brain Freeze is anything like the Lavender then I'm probably going to love it too. I'll come back, once I get and try it, to post my opinions then. Can't wait to try it!
  15. Update: Finally received and tried Brain Freeze, in a sample sent to me from a good friend. I have found it to be a great shave soap, although as others pointed out it's not nearly as potent as the name "Brain Freeze" would imply. Of that I am truly grateful! It has a very clean, refreshing aroma, not at all medicinal by my standards. I've not yet tried Proraso green-tub and have nothing else to compare it to. I am, however, happy to find it's not like rubbing VapoRub into my skin, VERY happy that it's not. It has a gentler menthol and eucalyptus smell that's not so powerful as to make my eyes tear up like VapoRub or BenGay would have done. It lathers well, as I'd expected from a RazoRock product, with a clean fragrance that doesn't overtly linger post-shave. My wife did say she could still smell the eucalyptus on me afterwards, yet it wasn't overpowering and certainly wasn't nose-dripping strong even upon application. If it were stronger I personally don't think I'd care for it, not at all, that's my opinion. Initial fear of it being too close to being a VapoRub based experience, meaning fears of mind-numbing cold followed by tear-jerking torturous hot pain on tender skin were laid to rest. I am not into pain, I live daily with enough chronic pain to last the most degenerate of masochists several lifetimes and don't need more pain in my life, especially not self-inflicted. I don't find a need for more 'sting' in my aftershaves either, preferring non-alcohol AS with skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E to those methanol-based face slappers, another personal choice as example. Having now tried it I've found that while I personally don't care for any amount of menthol in my shaving soaps, never have, I really do LOVE eucalyptus. To each their own, it's the menthol I'm finding I don't enjoy, I've never liked any shaving products containing menthol so no surprise there, yet the shave soap itself is very, very good. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, despite having just shaved off a few layers with sharpened steel, perhaps from the Argan oil and other top-shelf ingredients found in RazoRock products. For those that actually like menthol, those not looking for something to light them up like Independence Day fireworks but just enough to get the blood flowing and airways working smoothly then this could be just the ticket. Brain Freeze, well, not so much, not like shoving a trowel full of ice cream into your mouth nor anything so severe, so if that's indeed what you're looking for you're likely to be disappointed. If looking for a quality artisan shave soap, with essential oils of said menthol and eucalyptus, without the pain associated with getting let's say BenGay on your privates (accidentally or deliberately) than this might be just what you're looking for. More of a brain-stimulator than a brain-freeze, don't let the name scare you off!

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