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  1. For my initial rotation, I am trying to represent straights from all the major countries of origin.

    I'm almost finished but I have an opening for US made. My plan was to pick up a Hart steel, but I thought for fun I thought I would open this one up to recommendations.

    Got something you want to recommend to fill my US slot in the rotation? Here's your chance to voice your opinion! :thumbup:
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  2. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    Easy Aces, Craftsman, Sta Sharp, Clauss, Romapo, Torrey are a few and all under appreciated razors.
  3. Narrow it down for me... what's your pick?
  4. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    Well, of all of them I really fell in love with my Craftsman. [​IMG]

    The bad things with these makers is that to really enjoy them is to nab one NOS with the bolsters or inlays. Stay away from a Ramapo if you find one, it's mine:biggrin1:
  5. Craftsman would be a good representation of US made, actually.
  6. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    There is an ERN version which is awesome as well.

    I wish I still had a Craftsman tool so I could incorporate it in my SOTD
  7. Seems like they are pretty hard to find though... I don't see anything in any of the normal places.
  8. Another option would be Case. They made some very nice straights.
    Hart are a very nice razor.
  9. Agreed on Case, I love Red Imps.
  10. This would be a great choice... I have trouble finding them without points, though... which would be my preference.
  11. Have you considered Genco (Geneva Cutlery, New York)?
  12. Wid


    On of my favorite U.S. made razors is Waterville Cutlery, Waterville Conn. Then there in Worcester Razor Co., Worcester Mass. H.M Christensen, Brocton Mass.

    I also have a couple Cases, and a few Geneva's, which are all great shavers.
  13. Where are you at? I can send you very nice a Torrey 5/8 Extra Hollow (singing) to try. Would prefer to keep it in the US if possible - if you're interested.
  14. Still had a Craftsman...? Still had a Craftsman? Still had?
    As in... I don't have a Craftsman tool? :w00t: That's, like, not having a toothbrush... or underwear... :tongue_sm

    I think I might be the one who keeps those guys in business...

    I agree, though. The Sta-Sharp is an excellent razor. One of my favorites. :001_smile
  15. +1

    I enjoy my Torrey wedge.

    I think there are a number that are unappreciated.
  16. I have had a Worchester and a Torrey razor.. both were great shavers but sold them so I could get my Filarmonica. I will probably get a couple more when I get a chance to hit the local antique shops as they seem to have them around here for decent prices.
  17. True! I think all of the case red imps are spike point. I do happen to have a round point red imp, but it was made by Ludo which is Solingen and not US unfortunately.
  18. I have several votes for Torrey, so I will keep an eye out for one of these, as I have a special place in my heart for Mass. anyway (they are made in Mass. correct?)

    ... and thank you very much for the generous offer Woodash, I do appreciate that. I will probably just keep an eye out for one to purchase, maybe throw up a WTB.

    Going to keep an eye out for a Craftsman too.
  19. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    I know, talk about Americana. I mostly have Husky but I forgot I do have a Craftsman lawn mower.:thumbup:

    From the 3 Filis I have that Craftsman is equal to them, no question about it. IMO it even looks better.

    Sta Sharp is pretty awesome! Just missed Joel's on BST a few days ago:mad3:
    Geneva cutlery are pretty great razors.

    Torrey's are pretty common, even many in very nice shape.
  20. I'm new to straights, but I have to admit a Case was the first one I purchased. As a teen I loved Zippo lighters, and my dad collects Case knifes so this was really an impulse buy. As I'm new to straights I cant give a fair assessment of it, but I still wanted to share.

    I went to school near Geneva, and had regular HS sporting competitions against them. My fist car came from the Geneva Toyota dealer. I'v had my eye out for one of these too but more for sentimental reasons than anything.

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