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  1. Hello i am John and i am a RAD addict. While i am looking at the fatip,cadet, and the 1904 i am open to suggestion. A some what aggressive shave is what i am looking for in this razor. Please help me feed my RAD. I have an old type ball end and really like it. But the RAD IS BAD.Thanks
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    Fatip is pretty aggressive when paired with a heavy handle.
  3. John, I am certainly still considered a newb around here, but I gravitated towards open combs almost immediately. I had a DE89, but it just didn't work for me. I'm fairly certain that this was due to my lack of experience. Either way, I've moved on to several open combs that just work better with less irritation. Amazingly, I really like the R41, but can't use it everyday. The Cadet is almost as agressive for me. What I can use daily is the Tradere OC (new). The best part is not only does this razor shave well for me, it's an absolute joy to use - oh and it's quite a looker to boot. I've recently acquired an iKon deluxe OC. I can recommend this razor as well for daily shaving (it's even more mild that the Tradere). That being said, the OCs I've used (except for the iKon) work best for me with a much steeper angle than a SB razor. Good luck in your quest my friend!
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    Razorock Jaws. Great razor, and cheap!
  5. I have a Fatip Grande, which, after switching out the handle with a Tradere, and after finding a blade I liked... is a great razor.
    It's ok with the original handle, too, btw; but I am addicted to heavy handles. The Grande (stock) handle is light.
  6. Forget about the 1904 as it is a very mild razor! Go with the Cadet and the Fatip for aggressive and economical; Joris if you want quality and aggressive.
    If you really want an aggressive/efficient razor, get The Cobra.
  7. I should have a cadet OC under the Christmas tree and I'm very much looking forward to giving it a shot. The price was certainly right.
  8. I have a fatip and its great, but those days where I just want a great shave without the aggression the 1904 is a superb choice.
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    1904OC is the OC equivelent of the Gillette Tech. Very mild. But pair the head with a heavier handle and it becomes very effective.
  10. I recently picked up a Gillette Tuckaway set from 1925. My new favourite is the New Improved head. Very aggressive but no irritation, for me.

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