Open Comb: Joris v Muhle v Merkur

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  1. I would like an open comb after reading some comments about how they allow for more foam to pass through to the blade surface.

    I have read reviews, there are some that are more aggressive than others. I am considering both the joris and muhle R41 (anything else to look at?) The Joris is supposed to be slightly more aggressive than the muhle.

    I would like to hear your comments on either of these two OCs or any others you like.
  2. I have a Fatip / Muhle R89 old model, which is supposed to have the same head as the Joris. Great shaver, my favourite :thumbup: Nice, mild razor (imho, according to some here it is a "beast of a razor"). But I do think there must be some "aggression" here, as it cuts my whiskers with ease and not many razors can take my beard :laugh: Anyway it beats all my other oc razors (OLD and NEW). I have no experience with the R41, but I understand it is less aggressive, so not for me anyway. So I would say if you are looking at Joris, also look at the Fatip/ Muhle R89 old model.
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  3. I love my Merkur open comb. It can cut down a weeks beard with no problem. Ive dropped it a couple times and never bent a tooth.

  4. While basically all my open combs at the moment are vintage I'll throw my hat into the ring for the Gillette NEW. I don't have much to compare it to besides a single ring and a SE Gem MM. But I find it to be a fantastic shaver and often you can find a user grade one for less than $20 to give it a whirl.
  5. I love my Joris.
  6. Actually you are asking about only two head designs here. At one hand the Joris/Fatip (= Mühle R41/89 pré '09 razor head) and the present Mühle OC design which is similar to the Merkur open combs.

    They are very different in nature. The Joris/Fatip/old Mühle is a razor with a huge blade gap and allows a lot of cutting angles, including a lot you don't want; so it is aggressive. It delivers a great shave but when you do it wrong it will bite. Very effective and efficient razor.

    The Merkur/present Mühle head is very much milder as it has very limited cutting angles but they are chosen well. You can get a just as close shave from them but keeping the razor at the perfect cutting angle is a bit harder.

    Same old story here; when you do it right both razors will deliver very close shaves. The more aggressive razor will be easier in getting a close shave at first but the milder one, once you master it, can do the same with no extra passes. When you don't do it right the aggressive razor will slice your face and the milder one will burn it because you use too much pressure or way too many passes.
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    I'm also loyal to the open comb; good luck on your journey:thumbup1:
  9. I'm very happy with my Muhle R89.
  10. That is a nice piece of insight. I have a Weishi, and a Gillette OC old style, no date code, and get a far more comfortable shave from the Gillette.

    I may have been pressing too much with the more mild weishi. I love the Gillette old style razor, but have nothing else to compare to.

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    Nice description and write up. :thumbup1:
  12. I tried both the Muhle and then the Merkur and sold them both after giving them a run. They have the same head, but I only tried the Merkur because I think it has better weight and grip.

    Both too mild, but also 'bitey' IMO, and they have a very narrow angle to work with to get them to cut just right.
  13. The Gillette New long tooth tops my lineup of open combs as a middle of the line aggressive razor and works with zero problems. It is my go to open comb razor.

    Last week I received my old model Muhle 89R open comb (same as the Joris, Fatip head). Being an experienced slant + Feather user; I found the Muhle open comb more aggressive and less forgiving than the slant !

    The Muhle needs care to shave with, but it also gives me the closest shave of all my razors. I think Muhle stopped the production of that model with really good intentions ! I do not think it is for the 'uninitiated'. But for those looking for a top aggressive shaver this is the one to go after.

    The Gillette Old style or the Goodfella open comb is a mild - middle of the line aggressive shaver and works for people with sensitive skin.
  14. As others here have mentioned the old Muhle R89 head is an aggressive razor not tolerant of mistakes. The Joris has this head, so be careful. A nice middle of the road OC would be the Merkur 11C. :thumbup1:
  15. And I love my Fatip :wink2:
  16. Manish, you too? It seems I am a minority here, saying that the Fatip is a nice, mild and forgiving razor. But I also think a Feather is a smooth and forgiving blade...
  17. Well - I did read your opening comments, however I am yet just a few shaves in to it. My slant felt like this when I first started off with it, however with time, a feather or my fav the black 7OC seems like a breeze. Give me some time - I will improve :)

    However let me also add, the shave was worth the effort of getting this razor. Amply rewarded with the correct angle.
  18. This is what I was wanting to know,I just want a middle of the road OC.
    Any body know how the 12c compares to the 11c?

  19. It is the same head just differnt style handles.
  20. Thanks.

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