Ontario 85 5/8 straight razor

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  1. This is Ontario 85 5/8 straight razor in great condition. You will get this nice razor in shave ready condition.
    your satisfaction guarantee. it is hallow ground blade. any questions please do ask. price 60. free shipping.thank you
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  2. It's made on hallowed ground and comes with a free whipping? Cool.
  3. "free whipping"
  4. Personally, I think the free whipping really clinches this one!
  5. Sham is as fine a gentleman as you'll find on these forums and on any forum, for that matter. You will not be disappointed. :thumbup:
  6. Thank you Telly i appreciate.
  7. +1, Sham is one of the most helpful and nicest guys I have had the chance to speak to. He knows a thing or 2 about honing too.
    Nice looking razor
  8. 1 st and last bump

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