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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by kirill, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. I've seen a fair few sources for decants listed on here, but less so for full bottles. Despite that, I have found a couple of sites, fragrancenet and parfum1, but I'm wondering if anyone can vouch for or against these sites.

    Also, does anyone have any other recommendations for fragrance sites?
  2. Good experiences with niche:

    Also good experiences with dept stores that carry niche like Nieman Marcus, Saks, Barneys.

    For non-niche:

    I don't go for best prices. I go for peace of mind and am willing to pay a little more for great service and KNOWING I'm getting legitimate product when I buy a bottle.
  3. Beauty encounter is good as well. Not the best prices but have some harder to find/out of production items as well
  4. I have bought from Parfum1, BeautyEncounter, Fragrancenet, and several others. Basically, if they will take paypal, I will give them a shot because I know paypal will back me up. I have not had a bad experience with any of them yet. Just be careful what you buy, you might be getting a tester, but often they are just unboxed items (not testers, but they don't have a box). Regardless, the juice is almost always legit. Several of those sites had flacons of Creed a few years ago at dirt cheap prices, back when Creed was liquidation their private collection line. Believe it or not!
  5. Alright, that paypal bit makes sense, thanks for the answer, I guess when funds allow it I'll be making a fragrance run!
  6. A lot of people on Ebay seem to sell testers but I haven't noticed any issues with those. I still would be careful with Ebay/counterfeit, seems risky vs. a reputable shop.

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