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  1. So I've been wetshaving for about a year, maybe a little less actually and I have noticed something unfortunate and that is I'm back to where I started with the electric, meaning I shave, then wait 2-3 days before shaving again because the beard still grows back irritated. I still basically cannot shave against the grain at all to get it smooth either. The area just under the curve of my chin is still near impossible to shave.

    I'm using a Merkur HD, Proraso cream, C&E Best Badger which are all supposedly good enough products. The only thing I feel that might be lacking are the blades which I just get from the grocery store (Albertsons). Also, I use Nivea shaving balm afterwards.

    The goal with wetshaving was to be able to shave every day or at least every other day and not have any irritation and be at least somewhat smooth. After a year, I've ended up having to wait 2-3 days for the irritation to pass and for the beard to grow in enough so that it's soft and easy to shave. When it's like sandpaper, wetshaving is virtually useless.

    Can anyone recommend perhaps better blades, or cream or shaving balm for afterwards? Proraso used to feel very cold, fresh and clean, I think I've just gotten used to it though, who knows.. :confused:
  2. Get better blades and add some Kiss My Face soap to the mix...

    You can get KMF at most local health food stores or order it online
  3. I've actually heard of the KMF soap, think I saw it in trader joes or something. For the past many years, I've been using Dove Nutrium on my face and it seems to have been ok but I'll check out the KMF soap; are there any varieties of that soap or they're all the same?

    What blade would you recommend for someone who has verry sensitive skin yet whose beard comes in like sand paper?

    Should I stick with the Proraso?
  4. Oh my dear lord! :eek:

    It's gotta be the BLADES! Do yourself a favor and hit up ebay and buy some Derby's or IP's. If you want a quick link to a great seller (and B&B member) check my signature.

    Afterwards you can make sure your technique is good (shaving after a shower helps a LOT). I typically have pretty sensitive skin myself and I stopped having problems after I switched to a decent blade. Besides, they're so much cheaper to buy online.

    I like the Nivea as well but I've started using the Proraso creamy aftershave and it's even better. (I also use Proraso shaving cream)
  5. What does IP stand for?
  6. Israeli Personna. Very nice blade, at least on my face.
  7. You know I think I have tried those Israeli Personna ones before; someone on the forum sent me a few, I think.. It was quite a while ago, so I don't remember... I think having sensitive skin and a rough beard together are what makes shaving a pain in the butt for me.
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    Order a blade sampler from letterk (John)...I am sure you will find something that works better for you...
  9. +1 absoultely will help
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    ++ 1 this will help a bunch
  11. Get some blades - THE most important part.

    Don't touch anything you can find in a local store.

    Try some Derby's off ebay - less than $0.14 each. My favorite.
  12. Like others have said.

    Get some new blades. I recommend LetterK's sample pack.

    It will make a BIG difference! :thumbup:
  13. Just so we're clear, they meant KMF SHAVING soap (I think)...actually it is a shaving cream. Also, re-read (if you've already read) leisureguy's blog...he is full of good information. Also look at Kyle's preshave prep ideas sticky...also has good advice. I just say this because my face is about as sensistive as it gets and I have been very happy with the results (of course, as always, YMMV)...and am now able to shave every day when I used to only be able to shave once a week.

    The blade recommendation others have made is excellent.

    Also, I have found that my face can't handle the menthol/eucalyptus in Proraso every day. You may have some sort of allergy to the fragance, too. I would try the KMF unscented and see if things are better...some people's faces react to ANYTHING in the cream.

    just some ideas for you...and there's always the beard option! :wink:
  14. Same here - the menthol does not agree with my face. I liked the feeling, but it left me really irritated afterwards. Maybe I'll try mixing a little bit with one of my other creams.
  15. My guess is the blades and probably the technique due to the bad blades. If the blades are not sharp, I am more include to use more pressure or shave the same area too many times, which is bad technique.
    Here is my rank of blades, with 1 being my favorite.

    1. Feathers-Sharpest blades around but they are the best for my face. They are not too expensive and you can find them on or If you use proper technique, ESPECIALLY NO PRESSURE, then you shouldn't bleed to death.

    2. Gillette Swedes-Almost as sharp as Feathers but are very good. Unfortunately, they are expensive and not easy to obtain. Only two websites sell them, both in UK, none in US.

    3. Derby-A good blade. A smooth shave and you can get them on ebay, very affordable since you can buy in bulk.

    4. Israel Personnas-Not very smooth, but ok. However, them and the derby's are highly respected on this forum.

    5. Merkur-My least favorite and they are expensive. Merkur makes excellent razors, but their blades are a different story. If I had to shave with only Merkur blades, I would go back to carts.

    You can get all five of these blades with a LetterK sampler pack. A good deal and here's hoping you find the blade that works for you.
  16. I'd say get some feather blades and some Tabac soap. Soak up that little C&E badger and "go to town". Even better, load the brush with Tabac and have a squirt or two of KMF in a bowl and make some "SUPERLATHER".:001_tt1:
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    And please, next time do not wait so long to let us know what is going on. No one wants to suffer or should have to.

    Get the letterK sampler for blades and the Scotto sampler for creams-this way you can find out what agrees with your skin bladewise and creamwise. Once you determine which products those are, your shaves will improve.

  18. Thanks for all the replies, I will get his sampler for sure. What did you mean by the "Scotto sampler for creams" I missed something there? I thought the KMF was the soap they meant for washing my face. Didn't know they made a cream. I will ditch the proraso and try that stuff instead, but do tell me what is meant by the Scotto sampler? I guess I also need to look up Tabac soap as that's a new one on me too... :wink:
  19. Scotto (over in the buy/sell/trade forum) posted that he's out of the cream-sampler business until April or so.

    Oh, and other suggestions: I'll echo the "try some better blades" suggestion, but I'll add on that you should check the quality of your lather - make sure it's not too dry. You also might try using a skin toner sort of product (witch hazel is the standby and you should be able to get it for 3 or 4 dollars at almost any drugstore) before you use your aftershave. Alternatively, my face seems to LOVE Aqua Velva (the original stuff). For the past couple of weeks I've been using Aqua Velva first, and then Nivea as a moisturizer afterward.

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