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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Foyle, May 30, 2012.

  1. We moved out of our old apartment the other day into a new, larger place. When we were packing up and cleaning I noticed this little feature in the medicine cabinet.
    It had been there the whole time, but the shelf was adjusted so that the slot was covered and I was completely unaware of its presence. So, after my last shave in the old place I deposited my blade. Who knows how long it's been since that slot's been used. I left the shelf adjusted so the slot is exposed. Maybe a DE shaver will move in and use it. ​
  2. wow, at least you got to use it once....
  3. Where does the blade go?
  4. jamesspo

    jamesspo Contributor

    Down into the wall between the studs.

  5. Once the blade slides through the slot it disappears into the wall never to be seen again. I've heard stories of remodelers finding piles of old blades in bathroom walls.
  6. It's too bad you just found out about it before you moved...
    At least you got to use it though :)
  7. I have been putting blades in our cabinet slot for decades. Who knows how many went down there before.

  8. Nice!
  9. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    Congrats on the move, Foyle!
    Just finishing the joys of packing and unpacking myself.
  10. Makes me want to gran a dremel and make one haha
  11. My house was built in 1936 and has one of those. The problem is that it backs onto a unfinished under-stairs storage area, the the blades would just fall onto the floor by our Christmas ornaments!
  12. A couple sheets wadded up news paper and piece of plastic to cover the bottom would take care of this.
  13. Thats pretty sweet! Not sure how I would feel about pile of blades in the wall though. I imagine it would take more than a lifetime to fill up the space. lets see, 4" deep, 16" wide and probably 60" tall, thats a lot of blades for someone to find one day!
  14. You could make a recepticle out of a small priority mail box taped behind it to catch them. Then when it fills up just trash it and put up another.

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