One blade that works in all your razors?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by El Judio Bravo, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. We've been talking lately about matching blades and axes in our arsenals. Has anyone found a blade that just works no matter what you load it into?

    For me the Israeli Blues and Sharks (either flavor) do this. They're great buys for me as they are inexpensive and always deliver the goods. Rare success stories. :thumbup:
  2. Just about all of them work-Derby AstraSP, Crystals, Personna Lab and Prep, Perma Sharp. Polisilver SI. Only a few work a little better in certasin razors.
  3. I've never had any issues using any blade in any razor. They all work fine for me.

  4. I want to see how this all turns out. Many people say that the blade that works great in one razor won't take a NJ inspection sticker off a windshield loaded into another! :biggrin1:
  5. The only blade I feel works at least decently in all my razors which range from Old type to Tradere is a Med Prep.
  6. ackvil

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    So far any of the Lords and Personna Lab-Med blades work in all of mine.
  7. Personna Red works for me ...
  8. Voskhod
  9. In my case Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow and Feather work very well in all five of my razors.
  10. Schick Plus Platinum, either of the Blue and the Black Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum blades. Those are all I use.
  11. The Chinese made Schick injector blades have worked well in everything so far, as has the ASR made Treet, Gem Blue Star and the CVS house brand carbon steel SE blades.
  12. Aha! Interesting results. :001_cool:
  13. cryhavoc

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    Super Max Super Platinum's in DE's.
  14. One blade to rule them all! I have heard stories years ago, but think it is just a myth!
  15. Astra SP. Always my first choice in a new razor, or one I've not used in some time.
  16. Retiredgene

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    While I can't use the word "never" I will say since the technique improved I agree! BTW, that is one GREAT looking stash of razor blades you have there :001_smile

    With that in mind, for me it is fun to roll thru a few different blades in my EJde89l & Weber DLC and evaluate the sharpness, comfortable, blade cutting ability while looking at "price performance" to see if worth more purchase

  17. Polsilver Super Iridiums quickly becoming my favorite in any razor
  18. Derby blades work OK in all of my razors. Current Astra SP blades are spectacular performers in all of my razors, and stunning in some. Actually, most any brand from St Pete is pretty darn spectacular overall. Personna blades are also pretty sweet. Feathers are too bloody for me except in a fully wound Stahly razor... In that case, they deliver the best shave I ever had, and drama free to boot...
  19. AABCDS

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  20. Every blade "works" in all my razors. But for consistent close and comfortable shaves w/o any isuues... Astra SP and Personna Super "labs".

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