Omaha- any barber suggestions?

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by Snick1946, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. I am looking for someplace to go periodically in the Omaha area for a haircut- you'd think that'd be easy but it isn't because I'd like to find someplace that isn't some 'salon' with bitchy goth girls who have metal on their faces cutting hair. I was going to a place near my home for years until they told me one day when I came in that I had to make an appointment first online. They wouldn't take me and wanted me to go home and then come back so I quit going there. The place I went (as described above) yesterday was fine the last time but aftern my experience there I won't be going back.

    I really miss the old barber shops, the masculine atmosphere, the old magazines, etc. Hell, I'd even put up with political talk I didn't agree with just for the ability to get a cut without some unisex experience. Is there anyplace like that in my area? I'd drive across town if there was! Thanks!
  2. OBrien's Hair and Style, its in a strip mall on the southeast corner of Rockbrook Village on 108th and Center. Mario Laboy. Started going to him about a decade ago, great guy, will even do a straight razor shave, nice shop, old school barber chairs to sit in everything. He'd know me for sure, Trevor Brown. Really good guy, you wont be disappointed.

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