Olive Oil for the face

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  1. Every night, before bed I wash my face, pat dry, then rub Olive Oil all over my face. I let it sit for a minute or so before I wipe it off with a dry/wet towel. Just curious if anybody else out there does the same thing or does this a little differently. I have noticed that my skin is way softer, and it seems to soothe/keep at bay the irritation I get from shaving.
  2. i use olive oil whenever my skin is really dry or if i get razor/brush burn; it's great stuff. however, i haven't been needing to use it recently--perhaps because of improved technique?
  3. Every evening I wash my face with water only and rub oil on my face. I think that it makes my skin more flexible, thus minimizing nicks and irritation.

    I use Vitamin E oil (soy & castor oil with Vitamin E, which is good for skin) for $2 from the Dollar Store.

  4. For those that leave it on all night, doesn't the oil stain your sheets and pillow?
  5. Only if you don't wipe the excess off with a towel...sadly I didn't do this at first and my pillow cases aren't as white as can be anymore.
  6. I washed with olive oil soap for a pretty long time. I also used coconut oil soap as well as other types.
    A few months ago I got a boil in my armpit that wouldn't go away. Then it must have caused an infection and it started to travel down the inside of my arm. When I went to the doctor I was given medication and a salve or something and told not to use deodorant for awhile until it healed. I mentioned my soap and he said "no good." The infection or whatever, needed to get out and oils tend to clog the pores. That made sense and since then I never used oil based soaps again. I began to wonder about the long term use of oils and the pores. Or adding oil to the skin.
  7. I have been using olive oil based soaps for my face and body for years and have never had any issues with clogged pores. I did a bit of searching and the consensus is that it doesn't. I did read that it can bind to clogged oils in the pores and release them from the skin. Because olive oil is noncomedogenic, it will not re-clog the pores.

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