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  1. Hello all, it seems like my strop could use a slight bit of conditioning. I find the oils from my palms help, but could use a tad more. I don't know if I want to go out and buy strop conditioner (or other general leather conditioner), so my question is: would a very little bit of olive oil be fine to help condition a strop?
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    Good leather conditioners don't polymerize or harden with age. Olive oil, as do other vegetable oils, will eventually get hard. It's probably best to use something specifically made for leather.
  3. Is neatsfoot the usual conditioner?

    I have Peckard's leather dressing, and I'm curious if that would be good on a strop. Peckard's is used for fine leathers and restoration, you can google it to see.

    I wonder what Tony Miller would think of Peckard's?
  4. Thanks! I'll steer clear of it then.

    I've heard neatsfoot is the standard, I may track down some.
  5. yes, and oils like Olive Oil can turn rancid and you don't want that to happen on your strop.
  6. Those tiny tubs of "yellow paste" sold by the strop & shave shops, is that just neatsfoot oil? One of those mini-things cost as much as a bottle of pure (not prime or compound) neatsfoot oil.
  7. I use olive oil on my str8 storage but never on my strop. From what i've read automotive leather cleaner/conditioner works too if you happen to have some laying around. That's what i did when i bought an antique strop. Hit it with some mequiar's gold class. But eventually i opted for 'el cheapo walmart mink oil shoe condition located in the shoe department $2-3can. Works great
  8. Tandy Leather in Montreal has neatsfoot oil.
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    A gianormous +1.
  10. I've been using olive oil for years with no problems exactly as suggested in several traditional straight razor resources. Never had a problem although the worry about problems is well documented by many who have never tried it.

    Either way though, its more for me, both for my strops and for cooking. :wink:
  11. rub your hands through your hair:eek:
    there are inexpensive leather conditioners and they will last a long time
    some people also use their extra shave lather as a strop conditioner
  12. You will find it very cheaply in just about any tack shop that sells saddlery for horses (just in case you need it explained!).

    Brush it on, and depending how dry the leather is, it will get sucked up like a sponge. Regular application will keep leather supple for years.

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