Old Spice Wild Collection

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by dfigz, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Daiku

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    Oh, those look intriguing. I tend to the "classic" Old Spice, but some of the new scents are great. SWMBO loves "Komodo" (well, she's Indonesian, so I guess that makes sense).
  2. I was pretty partial the small of Foxcrest so I purchased deodorant and anti-perspirant. My girlfriend preferred the Wolfthorn..But scent is pretty subject smell them all see what you like best...Both products do their job.
  3. will have to look for these. I go with just the deodorant in order to stay away from the aluminum that is in the anti perspirant. I'm currently using the Denali scent which I think is a nice change up.
  4. I am using Denali too. I really enjoyed that scent initially in the body wash years ago before switching to quality bar soap.

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